Phase 2 consultation - how you had YourSay

We developed a Kitchen Table Discussion Guide and host guide from Phase 1 consultation findings, so we could share some insights from Phase 1 and understand the city servicing priorities that are important to you.

The community participated by downloading the Kitchen Table Discussion Guide and host guide and providing feedback online, by email or mail or dropping them off at a local ACT library.

The Kitchen Table Discussion Guide helped people consider the facts about Canberra’s city services, the changes you might like to see and what is needed to improve services to create better suburbs in the future.

Your feedback from the Kitchen Table Discussion Guide is being used to present discussion topics at the Citizens' Forum currently underway. Find out more about the Forum or register to be an observer here.

What is a Kitchen Table Discussion Guide?

A Kitchen Table Discussion Guide is a document that gives a framework for family, friends and small groups to have a discussion to gain a deeper understanding on an issue with the opportunity to give feedback.

These discussions are made up of a small group of people who get together to talk. The setting is your choice – it can be informal or part of a formal meeting.

Kitchen Table Discussions are not votes to be tallied. It’s not about the number of people supporting or opposing a certain issue, it's about capturing informed and considered ideas, views and opinions to assist us in identifying priorities for improvements.