Project status: In progress

Note: The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate has brought forward options to progress the next stage of development of these trails. The outcome of this Capital Initiative will be announced later in the year.

How you had your say:

The final Canberra Mountain Bike Report with recommendations for the ACT to attract more mountain biking visitors has now been released following public consultation. The report includes recommendations on how to also achieve meaningful recreational, social and economic benefits. This follows the draft report released in November of 2020.

In 2019, we asked the ACT community for their thoughts on the existing mountain bike experience in the ACT and opportunities to improve it. That feedback was used to inform the Draft Canberra Mountain Bike Report which went out for public consultation from 8 September until 2 November 2020.

The final report details an integrated and realistic approach for us to invest in and develop mountain biking opportunities within our capital that support the aspirations of Canberra's mountain biking community.

You have previously had your say at stakeholder workshops in 2019 followed by public consultation for comment on the draft report and providing us with feedback around whether the draft report was an accurate reflection of what you told us during consultation. You did this by emailing our Parks and Conservation Service team.

Comments received through the stakeholder workshops and community consultation can be reviewed in the Listening Report.

We were looking at:

We wanted to know what you thought could define Canberra as an exciting mountain biking destination and what features could be enhanced or created to improve mountain bike experiences.

Canberra is home to strong and growing mountain biking culture. Our region contains a unique diversity of trails that cater for everyone from professional mountain bike riders to first time riders wanting to improve their fitness.

We are considering existing mountain bike trail networks and thinking about their connectivity, identity and management. There are also opportunities to explore options for new trails that enhance mountain bike experiences and consider our local environment and other users.

We will use your views to:

Your feedback will be used to help develop priority concepts to test with existing and potential mountain bike tourists and their families in surrounding NSW and Victoria.

Your ideas will inform the development of an ACT Mountain Bike Concept Plan. The plan will guide future management and development of mountain bike trails, and inform design for priority trails.

Your feedback on the draft report will be considered as we finalise the ACT Mountain Bike Concept Plan.

Enjoy your ride and be responsible

We want you to enjoy our trails. These short videos have some great tips (and some nice scenery too!) for mountain biking in our bush capital.

Banner image – photo credit to Lachlan Shaw

Winner of ACT Parks and Conservation Service's Spring Rides photo competition.