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How you had YourSay

Following changes to the Fisheries Act 2000, the ACT Government welcomes community feedback on draft fish stocking plans.

You had YourSay on the ACT Fisheries Management Plan: Fish Stocking 2022–2027, by reviewing the draft plan and completing the form at the bottom of this webpage.

The Listening Report is now available in the Document Library.

We are looking at

The ACT Government develops a new fish stocking plan every five years to guide the stocking of fish in ACT waterways. New stocking plans are informed by monitoring results across ACT’s stocked fish populations.

The draft Australian Capital Territory Fisheries Management Plan: Fish Stocking 2022-2027 outlines the proposed approach to recreational fisheries stocking management in the ACT. It provides a schedule of species to be stocked in each of the relevant water bodies which can be used as a planning tool by fisheries managers and suppliers.

The stocking of recreational fish species in Canberra’s urban lakes aids in the conservation of native species by relieving fishing pressure on the more fragile rivers and streams in the ACT. Stocking lakes with certain fish species also helps to establish a balanced ecosystem in waters where fish may have been depleted artificially or (in the case of new development lakes) were not present.

The increase in fishing pressure combined with declining fish populations means that fisheries management is required to ensure future generations of anglers will have viable fishing opportunities.

We will use your views to

Your views will be considered and, where appropriate, incorporated into the final ACT Fisheries Management Plan: Fish Stocking 2022–2027. The final plan will support recreational anglers, by ensuring viable fishing opportunities remain into the future, as well as help to protect our existing fish populations.