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A number of plans for project sites have been submitted to the planning and land authority for approval. For more information, and to provide comment on these Development Applications visit: ACT Healthy Waterways Sites and Progress.

Key facts

Includes a mix of both rural and urban areas.

  • Land practices along the Molonglo and Queanbeyan rivers, as well as the urban areas of Queanbeyan, put a significant strain on water quality.
  • Land clearing in the upper reaches of the catchment is linked to higher run-off, erosion and increased nutrient levels in the Molonglo River.
  • New development is placing further pressure on water quality.
  • Water quality monitoring indicates the highest level of pollution in the catchment occurs in Queanbeyan’s urban areas.
  • Only a small portion of stormwater that runs off urban and industrial areas is treated.
  • The older layout of Queanbeyan means there is limited space for water-sensitive urban design infrastructure.

Expected benefits

  • The priority projects will remove 73,600 kg/year of suspended solids, 105 kg/year of phosphorus and 600 kg/year of nitrogen from the Molonglo and Queanbeyan rivers.
  • Other benefits for the catchment include improved open space and recreational areas as well as an increase in the diversity of the area’s natural habitat .

Priority Project 1 - WETLAND

Reserve adjacent to Morrisett Street, Queanbeyan

A new wetland, on the city-side bank of the Queanbeyan River near the low level crossing, will improve water quality by trapping sediments and nutrients. It will also increase the area’s appeal as a recreational space. The design allows for some open space to be retained for existing activities such as dog walking (UM015).

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Wetlan UM015 catchement map

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Priority Project 2 - RAIN GARDENS

Alanbar Street and Kenneth Place, Karabar

Twin rain gardens-one within a roundabout and the other in open space-will slow run-off, with water-loving plants helping to remove sediments and nutrients. Both areas will be landscaped. The rain garden near Alanbar Street in open space has been designed to retain the existing mature tree on the north side of the site and the path will be realigned to go around the garden. (UM004)

Click here for full size version of plans. (UM004)

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Reserve projects have been identified for each catchment to allow for contingencies that may emerge during detailed design or construction. These projects may go ahead if any of the priority projects are no longer considered viable, unexpected savings are made in completing the priority projects, or additional funding becomes available.

Designs have been prepared for the 10 highest ranked reserves across the six priority catchments.

Designs for the following project will be prepared if needed.

REHABILITATION OF RIPARIAN AREAS Upstream of the confluence of the Queanbeyan and Molonglo Rivers, Oaks Estate (UM001)

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