Tell us what kind of experience you would like to enjoy at the new nature space

Some of the options include:

  • Bushwalking tracks and trails

    Walk through the nature space and discover the rich cultural and ecological heritage of the Molonglo region.

  • Bird watching

    Discover the region's native bird life, including swift and superb parrots.

  • Amenities

    Access to amenities such as drinking water, seats and shelters.

  • Children's play spaces

    Encourage children to interact with the natural features of the reserve.

  • ​Safe river access and picnics on the beach

    Get close to the water's edge and have a picnic on a sandy beach.

  • ParkCare activities

    Get involved with restoration activities, including community planting days.

  • Fishing

    Catch fish in the Molonglo River.

    Note: Visitors should check conditions before fishing or swimming.

  • Learn about wildlife and restoration efforts

    Read interpretive signage that describes restorations efforts.

  • On-leash dog walking

    Take dogs on a walk through the nature space.

    Note: The space protects important habitat for species and dogs will not be allowed off leash in the reserve.

  • Caring for Country activities (bush tucker garden)

    Learn about Ngunnawal uses for native plants throughout the reserve.

  • Connections to broader trail networks

    Ride a bike or horse, run or walk through the park and explore the broader Molonglo River Reserve.

  • Ranger guided activities

    Learn about the site and broader Molonglo landscape at land management and ranger guided activities and events.

  • Cultural activities

    Learn about Ngunnawal culture and connections to Country, including traditional storytelling, language and land management practices.

  • Accessible design features

    Boardwalks or sealed path access to key features of the nature space (e.g. access to beach and lookouts).