Introducing district strategies

District strategies are a new level of strategic planning that we are introducing to the planning system. District strategies will capture and protect the valued character and attributes of each of Canberra's nine districts.

The district strategies deliver the ACT Planning Strategy by providing more specific and targeted directions for each district. In short, they will guide the strategic management of growth and change on a district scale in the context of green and blue spaces, good travel connections, housing, employment growth and support our shopping centres.

Belconnen Engagement Schedule in February 2023

Pop ups

  • Monday 6th 10.00am - 2.00pm - Jamieson Shopping Centre
  • Tuesday 7th 10.00am - 2.00pm - Charnwood shops
  • Wednesday 8th 10.00am - 2.00pm - Kaleen Shopping Centre

North Side Listening Space

Day one

  • Friday 10th 10.00am - 4.00pm - Canberra Museum & Gallery

Day two

  • Saturday 11th 12.00pm - 4.00pm - Canberra Museum & Gallery

We are looking at

The Belconnen District Strategy captures the special character of Belconnen and reflects the community's views on future planning priorities. It will help us manage growth and change in Belconnen while protecting the things the community values most.

Directions for Belconnen

Blue-green network

  • Protect and enhance environmental and cultural values through priority connections including Ginninderra Creek riparian corridor, Halls Creek, Gooromon Ponds and key grassland and woodland habitat corridors.
  • Extend the blue-green network including in Macgregor, Charnwood, Lawson and Kaleen.

Economic access and opportunity across the city

  • Strengthen the economic and employment role of the Belconnen town centre and Kippax group centre.
  • Develop an integrated Belconnen Education and Sports Innovation Precinct, building on quality institutions such as Calvary and UC hospitals and the AIS.

Strategic movement to support city growth

  • Connect Belconnen town centre into the light rail network.
  • Enhance accessibility and reduce travel times by public transport to jobs and services for residents in north and west Belconnen.

Sustainable neighbourhoods

  • Develop Belconnen town centre as a commercial and mixed-use hub integrated with development in surrounding suburbs.
  • Catalyse sustainable urban development based on the rapid corridors and future light rail.
  • Develop Ginninderry as an exemplar 21st century suburb based on sustainable neighbourhood objectives.

Inclusive centres and communities

  • Consider the role and function of existing group and local centres, including in north and west Belconnen with a focus
  • on local enterprise and community life, and undertake investigation in these and other centres to support community development.

Change Areas

The Belconnen District Strategy has proposed, possible and potential key development sites and change areas. These areas are shown on the map below and in the draft strategy. For Belconnen, some of these include:

  • Belconnen town centre (west)
  • Belconnen town centre (east)
  • Block 71, Section 52 Holt
  • Lawson North
  • CSIRO Ginninderra
  • Lake Ginninderra (west)
  • Lake Ginninderra (east)

See the Draft Belconnen District Strategy, or the Belconnen District Summary & Map to see all changes.

Areas of change

We would particularly like your comments on the ‘areas of change’ that are shown in the district strategy maps, especially the possible and potential change areas.

Sites where some detailed planning has occurred and there is an indication of the future proposed change; Territory Plan Variations have progressed; decisions have been made about the future of the site; sites are included in the Indicative Land Release Program; and/or have development proposals progressed on them.

Sites where there are opportunities for change but further work and detailed planning is needed and/or underway. These sites may have been flagged for possible change, government or private sector may have identified for future change, development and redevelopment but further work is needed to progress that to test and set directions for possible development and change.

Areas that are considered to have potential in the longer term and may require detailed planning, investigations and potentially certain interventions to stimulate the opportunity.

Belconnen District Map

Use the map below to check out the proposed, possible and potential key development sites and change areas for East Canberra. You can have your say on these areas using the quick comment form below, or on the Provide Feedback page. The map below is also shown in detail in the district summary in the document library.

Belconnen District Strategy Quick Comments

Use the form below to provide feedback and comments on the draft Belconnen District Strategy. Your comments will be displayed in the Comment Board below for other community members to see and discuss. (max 140 characters).

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3 February, 2023

Kaleen resident says:

A new Rapid service is required to service Kaleen and Lawson Group & Local Centres

3 February, 2023

Andrew says:

You should have more regard for the damage you do to existing residents. Your have no regard for the loss of amenity incurred in this work.

2 February, 2023

Nomoreboringboxes says:

every new building needs to be a sustainable building

2 February, 2023

Nomoreboringboxes says:

Design proposals need to go past an architectural review to eliminate / reduce the homogeny of GeoCon towers.

2 February, 2023

Nomoreboringboxes says:

Stop destroying the architectural heritage of Belconnen - the fire station , benjamin offices as examples . Repurpose ! Reuse. not rip down.

2 February, 2023

qualityforcanberra says:

Stop the pretence of urban density and mixed use. This only enriches developers pockets without enriching the place we live.

8 January, 2023

BelconnenResident says:

Allow residents to apply to re-zone their land from RZ1 to RZ2 for land sizes above 850sqm in areas marked as "future investigation areas"

4 January, 2023

ConcernedResident says:

Restrict building height of apartment blocks in town centre to retain aesthetics close to lake and avoid overcrowding of narrow roads

4 January, 2023

ConcernedResident says:

Better traffic flow is needed in town centre to protect pedestrian and driver safety. Huge increase in traffic with new apartments going up

1 January, 2023

WestBelcoforlife says:

We have to allow (high quality) subdivision in the established suburbs of Belconnen, in RZ1, to achieve these goals. Why is this so scary?

1 January, 2023

WestBelcoforlife says:

ACT Gov should use its powers to change land use to develop under-utilised church controlled land near Scullin shops for quality housing.

1 January, 2023

WestBelcoforlife says:

The old tennis centre in Hawker should be developed into high quality medium density housing. It's the perfect place near schools and shops.