Introducing district strategies

District strategies are a new level of strategic planning that we are introducing to the planning system. District strategies capture and protect the valued character and attributes of each of Canberra's nine districts.

The district strategies deliver the ACT Planning Strategy by providing more specific and targeted directions for each district. In short, they will guide the strategic management of growth and change on a district scale in the context of green and blue spaces, good travel connections, housing, employment growth and support our shopping centres.

During the consultation on the draft district strategies and draft Territory Plan, the community had the opportunity to ask questions to our planners. You can find these on the Ask a Question page.

You can also view the range of consultation activities we undertook with the community during February on the Engagement schedule page.

You can now take a high-level look at what we heard during consultation in the Listening Report. A more detailed look and the government's response is found in the consultation report.

What we looked at

The draft Inner North and City District Strategy captures the special character of the Inner North and reflects the community's views on future planning priorities. It will help us manage growth and change in the district while protecting the things the community values most.

Directions for Inner North and City

Blue-green network

  • Protect, enhance, and restore habitat values in key blue-green corridors including re-naturalisation of Sullivans Creek and its tributary waterways, connections to Banksia Street and Dickson Wetlands and linkages between reserves, urban open space, and Garden City precincts.
  • Make sure future redevelopment contributes towards living infrastructure aims in built up areas including the City Centre.

Economic access and opportunity across the city

  • Protect floorspace and development opportunities for future economic activities and employment to make sure the City Centre maintains its preeminent economic role.
  • Develop innovation precincts around economic assets in the City Centre (ANU/CSIRO and UNSW), Watson (ACU and AIE) and Campbell (ADFA).

Strategic movement to support city growth

  • Develop the City Centre as a multimodal transport hub including accommodating future light rail corridors, bus interchange functions and improved active travel infrastructure.
  • Plan in long term for future faster or high-speed rail connection to the City Centre and reflect the future entertainment plan as relevant to the City Centre.

Sustainable neighbourhoods

  • Revise City Plan to guide high quality future development of the City Centre and reflect the future entertainment plan as relevant to the City Centre.
  • Develop economic and mixed-use hubs at and nearby light rail stops along the Northbourne Avenue corridor based on sustainable urban development principles.

Inclusive centres and communities

  • Pursue innovative models for future community and recreational facilities.

Inner North and City District Strategy quick comment

4 March, 2023

Enhance, not detract says:

Ppl choos to live in Innr Nth b/c it's nice plc to live. We need t/b cautious abt remvg exstg protctns & ensur new dev snstv to exstg chrctr

4 March, 2023

CBR town centres says:

Chrctr & ambience of currnt Innr Nth detachd housng shld recv greatr import in planng. Innr Nth shldn’t have to take all of CBR’s pop growth

4 March, 2023

Spread Growth says:

Not convincd Innr Nth shld take all of CBR's growth, but for grwth it does take agree all areas are close to City & should be consdrd eqully

4 March, 2023

Listen to Community says:

Retain Turner’s detchd housng — NO to the FIA. Ppl actually live here & cont to seek to b/c it is a gr8 area close to the City! Protect it!

3 March, 2023

Graham says:

Honestly, Canberra would benefit from more townhouses. We have houses and units but very few townhouses. This would be a good compromsie

3 March, 2023

Pavarotti says:

What of the latte sipping gallery owners, the musicians and the thespians. How will this plan and strategy help them.

3 March, 2023

DebbieDownet says:

Urban infill will negatively impact upon my garden city faux riparian afternoon teas with entertainmints and cucumber sandwiches

3 March, 2023

Concerned Resident says:

Thoroughbread park to be turned into intermodal freight zone with light & heavy rail, road and helicopter and drone landing zones

3 March, 2023

Derek says:

Northbourne should he turned into a heritage walking trail with assorted cultural interludes and objet d'art.

3 March, 2023

Respect residents says:

Can ACTPLA’s interests pls be realigned with CBR cmmnty. There’s a reason ppl choose to stay here, & it it isn’t reflected in this strategy

3 March, 2023

Canberra’s great says:

Please ensure character of detached housing in Inner North is retained generally—not just fr heritage areas. It’s all part of CBR’s attrctn

3 March, 2023

LWE says:

Rezoning to allow up to 6 stories in Reid would be totally inconsistent with preserving the garden suburb's heritage values.