Introducing district strategies

District strategies are a new level of strategic planning that we are introducing to the planning system. District strategies capture and protect the valued character and attributes of each of Canberra's nine districts.

The district strategies deliver the ACT Planning Strategy by providing more specific and targeted directions for each district. In short, they will guide the strategic management of growth and change on a district scale in the context of green and blue spaces, good travel connections, housing, employment growth and support our shopping centres.

During the consultation on the draft district strategies and draft Territory Plan, the community had the opportunity to ask questions to our planners. You can find these on the Ask a Question page.

You can also view the range of consultation activities we undertook with the community during February on the Engagement schedule page.

You can now take a high-level look at what we heard during consultation in the Listening Report. A more detailed look and the government's response is found in the consultation report.

What we looked at

The draft Woden District Strategy captures the special character of Woden and reflects the community's views on future planning priorities. It will help us manage growth and change in the district while protecting the things the community values most.

Directions for Woden

Blue-green network

  • Protect and enhance habitat for threatened species and their connectivity with green corridors and nature reserves including Mount Mugga, Oakey Hill, Red Hill, Mount Taylor and Farrer Ridge.
  • Explore opportunities to restore natural environments along Yarralumla Creek as part of an enhanced blue-green connection including potential for wetlands.

Economic access and opportunity across the city

  • Develop Woden town centre as an educational and commercial hub, building on Canberra Institute of Technology and the transformational potential of the future light rail connectivity.
  • Develop the economic and employment roles of Curtin and Mawson group centres, improved connectivity to the future light rail corridor

Strategic movement to support city growth

  • Plan for and deliver light rail from the City Centre to Woden, as the central spine of the public transport network in south Canberra.

Sustainable neighbourhoods

  • Deliver urban transformation and support new sustainable communities linked to the future light rail corridor between Curtin and Mawson.

Inclusive centres and communities

  • Consider the role and function of existing group and local centres which may include Curtin, Lyons, and Mawson, and where required, undertake targeted initiatives to support centre vitality and community development.
  • Deliver new community facilities aligned with urban improvement to address existing gaps in provision and support future residential growth.

Woden District Strategy quick comment

4 March, 2023

Transit Stop says:

The Edge Street proposal will just create a large mess with people parking to catch the train. Or is that the plan ???

3 March, 2023

John Foster says:

Need more explanation of detail to Community groups. All about the assumed light rail benefits. Sports facilities lost in Woden

3 March, 2023

Coco says:

Clearly this govt has no respect for the innovative Radburn design which was deliberately built in Curtin and is loved by all its residents!

3 March, 2023

Self justification says:

A new infra structure forcing high density living to justify itself!! The edge road is solely for easier access for greedy developers !!!

3 March, 2023

Complete madness says:

Commercial and community facilities in the middle of a major roundabout - in what has been designed as a flood mitigation infrastructure ???

3 March, 2023

Malcolm S says:

Woden needs smaller scale infill, not high rise appartments. Leafy streets with 3 storey appartments, which are family friendly are needed.

3 March, 2023

Than says:

Yarralumla Creek - Curtin does not need an edge road, it needs an enhanced cycleway separated from pedestrians.

3 March, 2023

CM says:

Holman street and the all infill needs to be kept to a reasonable urban scale. No more than three storeys high.

3 March, 2023

Perplexed says:

Amenity in Service St has already been spoilt by huge apartment blocks across Melrose Dr. Don't make it worse by turning it into a main road

3 March, 2023

Perplexed says:

Plain English: what is 'built frontage' and how will it be 'contributing to street identity, spatial definition & oversight of public space?

3 March, 2023

GP says:

Adding higher rise developments on Holman Street is totally out of character for the area. Keep them in Philip or greenfields near the tram

3 March, 2023

Concerned says:

Unbelievable that the ACT Government is considering building in any area that has been known to flood regularly.