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During consultation on the Place Plan for Acton Waterfront, you told us that it was important that Acton Waterfront is considered as a holistic, integrated neighbourhood. The five themes raised were identified in the Place Plan:

  1. Respecting the Griffin Legacy
  2. Contemporary garden city
  3. Community place
  4. Foreshore for the people
  5. Connections as journeys

The estate plan for Acton Waterfront has considered these themes, along with international sustainability standards, Caring for Country approaches in consultation with the Ngunnawal community, and the growth of the Canberra City Centre. The estate plan builds upon the existing planning context as outlined in the National Capital Plan and proposes to align the city street grid based on the Griffin Legacy as well as connect the City Centre to the lake foreshore. This provides framing of the vistas from the city through to the lake and Brindabella ranges. The layout prioritises both pedestrian and cycle movement to and through the area, as well as access to the future stage of Light Rail.

Working with several consultants, the City Renewal Authority has considered the block geometry, structure and street layouts and looked to maximise views and solar efficiency. We aspire to deliver an inclusive neighbourhood with leading social and sustainable outcomes for all Canberrans.

Engagement with Traditional Custodians is an integral part of this project and directly involves Ngunnawal people. We are building on our ‘Caring for Country’ theme for the park by embedding this approach into planning for Acton Waterfront. Building heights have not been changed and will be in accordance with the current planning regulations. The proposed estate plan will deliver sustainable housing diversity, with a lowered overall proposed yield of under 1,000 dwellings across the neighbourhood.

We want to understand what is important to you at Acton Waterfront and the types of public spaces, amenities, and interactions you would like to have with future development in the area.

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Estate plan

Estate plan

The latest plans for Acton Waterfront envisage a sustainable and liveable development that prioritises pedestrian and cycle networks, activation of the waterfront and provides social infrastructure for the local community.

You can view the full set of proposed plans in the document library to the right. An overview of the plans are featured below.

Urban design framework

National Capital Plan 2021: An image showing the current Urban Design Framework currently in the National Capital Plan Proposed Urban Design Framework 2022: An image showing the proposed Urban Design Framework 2022

The National Capital Plan 2021 Urban Design Framework and the proposed 2022 Urban Design Framework. The revised block structure aligns with Commonwealth Avenue and reinforces the framing of the National Triangle. Framed vistas to the water are integral to the plan and support comfortable movement between the City Centre and the lake.

Indicative view lines from the city to the Acton Waterfront

The view lines in the current National Capital Plan: A map showing the current views through the Acton Waterfront The proposed amended view lines: A map showing the proposed amended view lines at the Acton Waterfront

North-south and east-west vistas are supported in the revised plan, enhancing way finding and views.

Indicative active frontages

The Active Frontages currently in the National Capital Plan: An image showing the Active Frontages currently in the National Capital Plan The indicative active frontages in the revised plan: An image showing the indicative active frontages in the revised plan

The revised block layout allows for greater street level activations, with cafes, bars and restaurants all facing the waterfront and public square. The active edges support a safe and comfortable environment for pedestrian movement throughout the precinct.

Indicative landscape structure

The landscape plan currently in the National Capital Plan: An image showing the landscape plan currently in the National Capital Plan The indicative landscape structure under the revised plan: An image showing the indicative landscape structure for the Acton Waterfront

The revised plan balances buildings and landscape, providing an extensive tree canopy. The waterfront park will provide a landscape foreground to the development when viewed across the water from Acton Peninsula.

Connectivity and accessibility

The connections currently in the National Capital Plan: A map showing the connections currently in the National Capital Plan The indicative connections in the revised plan: A map showing the indicative connections in the revised plan

Multiple landscaped bridge connections across Parkes Way provide convenient linkages for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles (West Road only) between Acton Waterfront, New Acton, ANU and the City.

At Phillip Law Street, a grade separated connection with stair and lift access will connect New Acton to the public space in Acton Waterfront. Using a pedestrian and cycle path along Marcus Clark Street, a ramped green bridge will provide pedestrian access to the public space and to the cycle path connection to West Road.

West Road will continue the tree lined boulevard across Parks Way, with gentle ramping integrated with the Raising London Circuit proposed levels and through to the waterfront extension of Barrine Drive.

Interactive plan

Acton Waterfront estate plan

Interact with the proposed estate plan and click the icons to view the themes from the Acton Waterfront Place Plan.

Acton Waterfront proposed estate plan


Share your ideas

Engaging with the estate plan

When planning for a development at Acton Waterfront, what are your ideas on how we can design a space for all?

Some questions to consider when submitting your ideas and feedback:

  • What services and facilities would you need in the area to make you feel welcome and attract you to Acton Waterfront?
  • How would you access the Acton Waterfront?
  • How do we make this area feel like it belongs to everyone?
  • What does a sustainable development look like to you?
  • What do you value in larger-scale developments in Canberra?
  • How can we further represent Ngunnawal history and culture in the area, to build on our Caring for Country theme?