Map showing the three land release sites under consideration

See where the land release sites are in Belconnen Town Centre.

The Belconnen Town Centre land release sites consist of three distinct but connected precincts:

  • Emu Inlet Waterfront
  • Circus Site and
  • Lathlain Street.

The three precincts include future land release and development sites, including the streets and spaces that connect them and provide access to the waterfront. For more information please read the site snapshots and see the site map.

The Place Design Brief engagement builds on the 2016 Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan that identified opportunities for a ‘main street’ for Lathlain Street and to provide a pedestrian connection to the Emu Bank foreshore.

The Place Design Brief describes the overarching vision and place themes to improve the spaces for all users. It will guide the development of the sites planned to be released over the next few years and can inform public place and street upgrades in the future.