Calwell group centre will be an attractive, accessible, convenient centre providing residents of south-east Tuggeranong with a range of goods and services and opportunities to socialise and better connect with the local community.

The Calwell Group Centre Master Plan has been developed with contributions from the local community, Tuggeranong Community Council, South East Tuggeranong Residents Association, Minders of Tuggeranong Homestead, Pedal Power and local businesses. The ACT Government released the Calwell Group Centre Master Plan on 8 September 2016.

The master plan aims to build on the qualities of the Calwell group centre as an active centre and sets out how it could further develop as a vital community hub that continues to serve the south-east Tuggeranong catchment.

The master plan reflects key ACT Government policies including the ACT Planning Strategy, Transport for Canberra, ACT Climate Change Action Plan (AP2), ACT Water Strategy, the Towards Zero Growth Healthy Weight Action Plan, and the Business Development Strategy. The main principles of this master plan are to:

  • Reinforce the character precincts as distinct areas to allow the centre to evolve as the community's needs change.
  • Ensure the centre is accessible and well connected and easy to get to by foot, bicycle, and public transport to encourage active travel. The master plan recommends retaining accessibility by car for a convenient centre.
  • Enhance the centre as an active hub for the community by creating an environment which allows people to meet and socialise, enhancing the centre as a community hub and a destination.
  • Encourage activity in the centre both day and night so that future development and redevelopment allows for activities that 'spill out' onto public areas. The master plan encourages active uses on main pedestrian routes and public places adding to activity and safety in the centre.
  • Enable an environmentally responsible and resilient centre by allowing for landscaping and tree cover to provide shade to public areas and improve the centre's microclimate.

Calwell Group Centre Master Plan Artist's Impressions

Community engagement

Community engagement to inform the master plan was undertaken over two stages and has provided valuable ideas, opinions and knowledge.

The community, stakeholders and other ACT Government directorates have contributed to the master plan. The ACT Government acknowledges the input and assistance provided by individuals and community organisations during community engagement.

Reports have been prepared that detail the findings of both stages of community engagement.

Key community messages

The community provided a range of opinions on how the Calwell group centre should continue to grow in the future.

Key messages received from the community included:

  • enhanced public domain with better places for children to play next to places to sit and meet friends
  • more landscaping including shade trees and seating
  • more shops with active frontage in the centre including cafes and restaurants that spill onto public areas
  • improved safety around the centre in the public areas
  • retain convenient car parking close to shops and services including accessible parking
  • better pedestrian and cycle connections within the centre and to surrounding areas and destinations including the 'sporting hub' (Calwell District Playing Fields) and Tuggeranong Homestead, and
  • support for higher buildings up to four storeys to allow for residential development in the centre to improve housing diversity.

How the master plan responds

The master plan has responded to key community messages and recommends a range of strategies to further enhance the centre that will aim to create a vital community hub for the residents of South East Tuggeranong. These strategies include:

  • New opportunities to better establish the centre as a community and social hub by updating public areas with a co-located play space near the south east entry of the shopping centre.
  • Activating the public spaces will make the centre a pleasant place to visit. People will find it easier to use the public domain if shop fronts face out and cafes spill onto public areas. This will also increase passive surveillance, making the centre a safer place to visit.
  • Improving the connections within the centre and to local destinations, including surrounding suburbs, the Calwell District Playing Fields and the Tuggeranong Homestead to improve the pedestrian and cycling experience and to encourage active travel.
  • Improving the centre's sustainability by providing more green spaces in public areas with shade trees to improve the microclimate of the centre. Focusing landscape improvements along main pedestrian routes and public spaces will make the centre a more pleasant place.
  • Managing parking in the centre by retaining short term and accessible parking close to shops and services and long term parking at the periphery of the centre. Additional accessible car parking close to shops and services making the centre accessible for all users.
  • Providing for opportunities to integrate residential development into the centre to allow for additional housing diversity for redevelopment in the north east of the centre.
  • Providing opportunities for future community uses to the east of the ambulance station and the proposed operational base for the State Emergency Services (SES) volunteers.

What's next?

A variation to the Territory Plan to revise the existing Calwell Precinct Code will realise some of the planning policy recommendations outlined by the master plan. There will be an opportunity for the community to provide feedback on the precinct code through a separate community engagement process which is anticipated in early 2017.