Frequently asked questions

The Master Plan presents a range of opportunities for improvement including better traffic and pedestrian flow, the creation of connected precincts, and co-locating acute services, and ‘vertical stacking’ – or making better use of the vertical space on campus. By vertical stacking and using the campus more efficiently, opportunities are created for green space and other additional uses. Through the creation of efficient precincts on the campus, the hospital will be able to deliver world-class health care with integrated education and research facilities.

During 2020, the ACT Government progressed work to understand what services and functions needed to be included on the Canberra Hospital campus in the future.

Members of the public are now invited to provide feedback about the draft Master Plan options. This feedback will be considered as the ACT Government finalises the Master Plan. The Master Plan is due for completion in late 2021 and will offer a clear guide for the development and expansion of the hospital campus from 2021 to 2041.

The location of the Canberra Hospital Expansion Project will not be changed as part of this Master Plan. The decision has been made as to where the Canberra Hospital Expansion will be location, and detailed planning is underway. The Master Plan will look at important links across the Campus, including to the Canberra Hospital Expansion Project development.

To achieve the most efficient use of space on campus, the draft Master Plan options allow for development above and below ground. The tallest buildings on campus will be up to nine levels above ground. ACT Health is not seeking to change height controls. Building heights will be modelled on expected demand. The community will be able to provide input on the height of specific buildings during public consultation on each element of future development.

Yes. The Canberra Hospital is a major regional hospital and provides health services to a large part of NSW, and the ACT Government is keen to hear the views of our regional community.

The proposed welcome pavilion will be the heart of the hospital and provides public access to most clinical services.

Public access to the Emergency Department will be at the new Clinical Services Building. Public access to the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, the Canberra Region Cancer Service and Mental Health Precinct are proposed to be retained in their current locations.

All feedback received in Phase 1 consultation has been considered in the development of draft Master Plan Options 1 and 2.

A lot of feedback received may not be directly incorporated in the draft options as it goes to detailed design – something beyond the scope of the high-level Master Plan. The options are designed to allow for that feedback to be incorporated in future design and they certainly do not preclude that feedback from being used in the future.

The development of the final Master Plan is a dynamic process that will be informed by your feedback on the design elements of Options 1 and 2. A final design will be created considering all the feedback that has been received from both consultation Phases 1 and 2.

The Canberra Hospital Master Plan project team has considered many options before deciding to consult the community and stakeholders on two draft Master Plan options. These have been identified as achievable options that address the feedback received in Phase 1 consultation and can be delivered for the ACT while maintaining delivery of clinical health services throughout the construction period.

The options were developed considering design principles that influence functionality, place making and identity, content and connectivity, people and amenity, value creation, resilience, constructability, and building and asset management.