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How you had YourSay

The ACT Government is looking to address paving issues caused by tree roots at Charnwood shops to improve safety and amenity for everyone who uses them. The community was invited to provide from feedback from 22 July to 3 September 2021.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to the project team. The What We Heard report summarising the feedback received during the consultation period is now available.

We will now develop plans to address the trip hazards at Charnwood shops, taking into consideration feedback from the community. Updates will continue to be provided on this page.

We are looking at

Pavers are lifting at the Charnwood shops due to root damage caused by well-established trees - particularly near the front of the Woolworths supermarket. Whilst the Government has attempted several times to rectify the paving damage, the tree roots are continuing to present safety issues in a busy part of the local centre.

In response, the ACT Government is now looking at longer term solutions on these issues:

  • safety (removing trip hazards)
  • maintaining trees
  • replacement landscaping.

More about the trees

There are a number of well-established and healthy deciduous London Plane trees growing around Charnwood shops, including in traffic islands in the car park and in the pedestrian pavement. These provide shade for shoppers and contribute positively to the environment. However, they also cause issues to the surrounding pavement by causing it to lift. When this damage occurs in a highly frequented area such as the front of a busy supermarket there is a higher risk of the damage presenting a trip hazard.

The ACT Government undertook work in late 2020 to install a special treatment near some trees to allow water penetration to the roots and minimise surrounding pavement damage. Repair work was also most recently undertaken to pavers in June 2021. However, as the tree roots continue to grow there will be ongoing issues.

While plane trees are known to cause uplift issues, other species can also cause issues due to the nature of the environmental conditions in urban environments.

We will use your views to

Feedback received from the community will be used to determine how best to address paving issues whilst ensuring that the centre has appropriate canopy cover.