Project status: In progress

Have YourSay

The ACT Government is reforming child, youth and family services to ensure we strengthen families and keep children and young people safe and connected.

The reform is focused on early support for children, young people and their families to facilitate positive life outcomes and ensure long term wellbeing for our community.

We are changing the way we work, the services we provide and the legislation that directs our work.

Each step of the way, we are guided by evaluation of the latest data, reviews of best practice, and consultation and collaboration with the community.

This is where we will seek your feedback and update you on how we are improving child, youth and family services in the ACT. Here you can:

  • find out what priorities we are working on
  • provide your feedback
  • share your experiences
  • learn about what we have heard so far
  • see what direction our reforms are taking.

Current consultations

There are currently no active consultation activities in this space. We are planning more and these will be available here soon.

Who should participate

Anyone in Canberra is welcome to participate in our YourSay conversations.

We also encourage participation from and will seek direct engagement with:

  • children, young people and families with lived experience of child, youth and family services
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • funded service providers
  • community sector organisations
  • advocacy groups
  • oversight agencies.

What we are looking at

We are seeking to engage with you through YourSay conversations and/or direct engagement activities on specific aspects of the reform agenda, including: