Project status: Closed

The Woden Transport Interchange pre-development application(DA) engagement has now closed.

For more information, view the What We've Heard Report.

How you had your say:

Scroll through the infographics below for a summary of how you had your say on the new Woden public transport interchange and associated works.

What we looked at:

You had your say on a number of exciting upgrades coming to the Woden town centre as part of the CIT Campus - Woden project, including:

• a new Woden public transport interchange on Callam Street;

• new bus layovers on Callam Street and Easty Street;

• upgrades and improvements to local roads and intersections; and

• the closure of Callam Street to public transport and pedestrian access only.

How we used your views:

Your comments were included in the DA submission for the works.