Project status: OPEN

The CIT Campus – Woden project will bring state of the art learning facilities, a safer, light rail ready public transport interchange, improved active travel and vibrant public spaces to Woden. It will revitalise the eastern side of the Woden Town Centre, while better connecting it to the popular green spaces in Eddison Park and beyond.

This new precinct will be a place that welcomes students, commuters and Woden residents - whether to study, use public transport, access local shops and services co-located with the CIT Campus or meet up with others in new public plazas and green spaces.

The new CIT Woden will deliver public spaces and facilities which bring vibrancy and connection to the Town Centre, forming a community hub that invites and welcomes people.

Right now we are in the roadworks phase of this project. In early 2022, a contractor will be engaged to finalise design and to construct the new CIT Woden campus and surrounding connections, facilities and public spaces.

Survey closed

A survey on Woden's new CIT Campus precinct asking for your input on the items below (wellbeing, safety, wayfinding and active travel) has now closed. A 'What We Heard' report is being prepared. This report will be provided to the contractor for input into the design. The report will be published on this page in May.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.


    Have your say on what makes you proud of Woden and what would encourage you to spend more time in Woden.


    What would make you feel safer at the new interchange and in the new precinct.


    Clear signage and directions - what are your preferences and how do you find your way?


    Do you walk in Woden? Do you cycle in Woden? What would make this easier and safer?

Thank you for having your say:

There will be more opportunities for you to have your say as designs progress. In line with COVID-19 regulations, we will also hold face-to-face consultation and engagement in 2022.

Below is an indicative layout of the precinct footprint.

Here's an indicative layout of the precinct footprint.

Here's an indicative layout of the precinct footprint.