Project status: Closed

The CIT Campus - Woden: design & values survey has now closed.

A What We've Heard report was released in July 2020, which showed more than 85% of respondents were in favour of the new CIT campus and public transport interchange.

How you had your say:

More than 400 survey responses were received during the survey period, with the community indicating a preference for well-integrated buildings of up to around 12 stories, featuring activated common areas and green spaces.

What we looked at:

We sought feedback on aspects of the project’s design, such as:

• Building height and layout,
• Green space ratios,
• Connections to local facilities,
• Public transport integration and sustainability features,
• Plus other topics.

Another key focus of the survey was whether to use a 'massed' design (where the building expands out instead of rising up) or a 'stacked' design (where the building goes up rather than out).

How we used your views:

Survey responses are being used to inform continuing design development, helping to ensure the new facilities meet the needs of our growing community now and in the future.