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How you had YourSay

The City Hill ideas exhibition was an initiative to gather community ideas on how to make City Hill park a highly valued natural space in our City Centre.

It was about understanding community views about City Hill and how it could serve our growing City Centre, while also honouring the site’s historical significance.

A public survey – which ran from 13 February to 25 March – saw 600 written and 69 visual submissions, which are now featured in an online gallery.

These submissions included feedback and suggestions from First Nations peoples, primary school students, interest groups and national landscape architecture firms.

To inform and inspire community ideas, a ‘Discover City Hill Day’ event was staged on 13 March 2024. This saw about 80 people attend guided walks on First Nations history, accessibility, landscape architecture and heritage.

Key ideas that emerged from the exhibition and survey included:

  • Improved accessibility: safe access points, mobility-friendly pathways, better integration with the City Centre
  • Enhanced amenity: benches, picnic areas, BBQs, playgrounds, shade, toilets, improved maintenance
  • Traffic upgrades: pedestrian bridges, traffic lights, clear signage, improved parking and management
  • Green spaces and landscaping: preserve greenery, add colourful gardens, more trees (especially shade), water features, themed educational gardens, better landscaping
  • Safety enhancements: better lighting, safer pathways
  • Family-friendly activities: playgrounds, toilets, picnic areas
  • Art and performance spaces: amphitheatres, art installations
  • Viewpoint enhancement: lookout points, scenic benches
  • Café facilities
  • Recreational facilities: adventure playgrounds, skate parks, sports facilities
  • Environmental education: workshops on local ecology, flora, fauna, Traditional Custodians
  • Social and cultural spaces: arts spaces, performance areas, gathering spots
  • Quiet areas: reading and birdwatching areas, silent spots

Read more about the community ideas and feedback in the listening report.

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The City Hill Ideas Exhibition is intended to rethink how the currently under-utilised City Hill park can be transformed into the public heart of the city and the apex of the National Triangle.

We asked the community to consider how City Hill park could become a valued natural hub in the city centre.

A crucial green space in our growing City Centre

The City Centre is the epicentre of Canberra life and with several future development sites in the City Hill Precinct, such as expanding the Canberra Theatre, new office and residential developments, as well as dining and entertainment opportunities, now is the time to consider the potential of City Hill park as an open, natural park for residents and visitors to enjoy.

We sought ideas on how to make City Hill park a more welcoming, comfortable and engaging space.

Acknowledging City Hill's heritage

We encouraged ideas consistent with the history and heritage of City Hill park, that complement the future role of this area.

City Hill is located on Ngunnawal Country, an ancient and diverse landscape managed by Ngunnawal people for tens of thousands of years. For time immemorial Ngunnawal people have maintained a tangible and intangible cultural, social, environmental, spiritual, and economic connection to these lands and waters.

City Hill is registered under the Heritage Act 2004 and is listed by the National Trust of Australia (ACT). Planted in 1921, Walter Burley Griffin planned for City Hill to make one corner of the Parliamentary Triangle. The geometric plantings symbolise the national capital, with each of the six major avenues that meet at the park creating its radial. Ideas should consider how the planting can be conserved to reinforce the Griffin Plan Legacy and heritage value of the site.

The National Capital Authority Precinct Code for City Hill recognises City Hill park as the primary public space for the Precinct and requires that City Hill park is retained and enhanced as an enclosed central park serving a functional role.

Watch and learn from local experts

Watch videos from local experts who share their insights to help us look at City Hill park from different perspectives.

The City Hill Ideas Exhibition was about seeking initial ideas only to learn more about how the community would like to enjoy City Hill park. These ideas will influence and inform future plans and help us understand what the community would like City Hill park to become.

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