Project status: Closed

About the project

Section 72 Dickson is an urban renewal site in Canberra’s inner north. The site is already home to the Dickson Pool, the newly built Common Ground and a mix of other commercial, recreation and community uses. It is close to the Dickson and Downer shops, Dickson Playing Fields and residential areas of the inner north. Today, the site has three vacant or disused ‘opportunity sites’, two of which are government owned (blocks 6 and 25) and one is privately leased by the Salvation Army (Block 22). Along with the opportunity sites, the design and condition of the existing landscape and infrastructure presents a range of opportunities for renewal.

What's happening now and how can I get involved?

The ACT Government will continue to engage with the community on the renewal of Section 72 Dickson. When the next stage of planning and renewal activities commence, the Government will notify the community and key stakeholders.