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How you had YourSay

In March–⁠May 2021 we invited community to have their say on a new streetscape design concept for Woolley Street, Dickson. We shared the proposed design, information about sustainability features of the project, and a short survey to receive feedback.

We received more than 100 submissions which are informing the final designs. Key comments raised included:

  • general support for the upgrade
  • making active travel a priority for the length of Woolley Street
  • support for increasing outdoor dining areas, seating and licensed areas
  • maintaining parking availability, including short stay and improving access for deliveries
  • improving connectivity with the Dickson shops and to the interchange.

The full response to consultation findings is now available to view in the listening report. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Listening report

Thanks for having your say. Here's a summary of our responses to your comments on the designs.

We are looking at

The draft streetscape design seeks to make the popular Woolley Street entertainment and dining precinct more accessible, safer and attractive for local businesses, residents and visitors to enjoy.

The $4 million upgrade (approximate budget) will include:

  • a renewed public space at the elbow of Woolley Street
  • canopy structures to allow shared alfresco dining
  • improved pedestrian crossings at the Cape and Badham intersections of the street
  • a water play feature, new furniture, urban art and landscaping.

The streetscape design will support a variety of community events, leisure opportunities and social interactions, as well as improve pedestrian safety and cycling access.

The upgrade to Woolley Street aims to:

  • improve people’s night experience of Dickson by installing new lighting in line with the character of the precinct
  • increase the opportunity for a variety of arts, culture and leisure recreation facilities within the central plaza
  • create raised entryways into Woolley Street to promote a more pedestrian friendly environment
  • enhance the central plaza through reclaiming part of the Woolley Street pavement creating places for people to sit and play.

This work was initially announced in June 2020 alongside the Lonsdale Street upgrade in Braddon and formed part of Canberra’s COVID-19 stimulus package. The scope of the project has been revised to reduce construction disruption to businesses and the community who may already be experiencing hardship following the health emergency.

The new concept design reflects the recommendations of the Dickson Place Plan, which was developed in partnership with the local community in 2018.

The Dickson streetscape upgrade will continue to support Canberra’s recovery, by minimising impacts on the community while also stimulating economic activity and creating safer, more accessible, and attractive places for Canberrans and visitors to enjoy.

Construction for both projects is expected to commence early 2022.

We will use your views to

The levels of participation indicated below are based on the International Association for Public Participation's Spectrum of Public Participation. We are:

  • Consulting you to identify and understand any unforeseen issues with the concept designs. This is so we can consider and aim to resolve them before finalising the designs.
  • Involving you in the choice of artworks. Your preferences will be used to commission and brief artists.
  • Involving Woolley Street traders in shaping the construction program to minimise impact on their businesses.