Verge garden with a castellated kerb for water entry

Water-sensitive urban design

The proposal incorporates water sensitive urban design (WSUD) to manage water appropriately while maximising its benefits. This includes the introduction of rain gardens at key intersections which will capture and retain water prior to discharge into the stormwater system. Permeable paving will also be incorporated with existing and proposed trees to allow for passive irrigation and to reduce the stress on root systems.

A children’s water play area is also proposed which will discharge water to adjacent garden beds for irrigation. This will offer passive cooling in the plaza during hotter times of the year. The system will only operate during the warmer months.

People meeting together in the shade underneath trees

Urban heat mitigation

The urban heat island effect is an important factor in design which, if mitigated appropriately, can vastly improve the comfort of users of the space. Through a combination of new and existing green infrastructure, combined with appropriate shading and passive cooling methods, the proposed concept design will improve the comfort and attractiveness of Woolley Street during the warmer months.

Additional shade structures and new mature trees will contribute to this measure. The new trees are proposed to be deciduous, providing solar access in winter while shading the street in summer.

High albedo surface finishes for the main paving treatments are proposed to reduce thermal loading. This means that heat from sunlight is reflected, rather than absorbed.

Dining tables and umbrellas outdoors

Materials reuse

Reuse of materials is also an important part of the design to contribute to sustainable outcomes. Existing temporary structures will be refreshed with new plantings. Existing streetlights and street furniture will be re-used where practical to do so.

View across a plaza with step-free access and a variety of seating


In addition to step-free access throughout the upgraded areas, a range of seating types are proposed to allow for different levels of ability and gathering which will cater for a broader range of the community. New seating areas under new mature plantings will be the key focus areas, and precast seating elements/walls will be placed under existing trees for immediate shade, reducing impact to existing trees.

streetlight pictured against blue sky with leaves in background

Energy efficient lighting

Feature LED lighting is proposed to be time-controlled using DALI technology, allowing the system to be active only during peak/dining hours, then switched off out of hours. Road lighting will provide lighting for out-of-hours security and safety.

3D render showing a busy public space with people of all ages interacting

Social sustainability

The creation of a comfortable, inviting place which caters for all ages is key to a socially sustainable future for Dickson. The Woolley Street upgrades will provide a place which invites activity on the street which will benefit the community and local businesses.