The proposed upgrades recognise Garema Place as a landmark destination for locals and visitors.

The design seeks to deliver infrastructure suitable for both everyday catch ups and community gatherings, and support growing foot traffic from light rail and bus commuters.


An aerial graphic showing what an upgraded Garema Place could look like.

Proposed features

  • Increased green space

The design seeks to turn Garema Place into a greener space, providing a place to go every day, or to gather for special events. The greenery is intended to make the area feel more comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable, contributing to people’s wellbeing.

  • Improved pedestrian flow through the space

The design encourages safer, clearer movement into and around Garema Place, creating connectivity between spaces and encouraging activity.

  • Decreased clutter

The design aims to declutter Garema Place by removing things that aren’t working. It creates a fresh canvas for a well-designed, flexible, and inclusive destination that is safer for pedestrians.

  • Informally extending outdoor eating spaces

The design uses public amenities, like furniture, shading from trees, lighting, tables and chairs as informal extensions of the retail footprint to encourage people to enjoy food and beverages from local businesses into the street.

  • Working with the weather

The design and plantings are intended to create a microclimate to protect from wind, rain and sun, letting in sunlight in winter, and creating shade in summer.

  • Ambient lighting

Proposed lighting includes new streetlights and ambient lighting to illuminate landscaping, seating and building facades.

  • Accessible

Accessibility has been considered in the design including accessible seating, increasing clear pathways, and decreasing trip hazards.

  • Safe

The design improves lighting and sight lines and will draw in more of the community to improve passive surveillance.

View looking south-west from Bunda Street

View looking south-west from Bunda Street

View looking east from East Row-Mort Street

View looking east from East Row-Mort Street

View looking north-west towards Bunda Street

View looking north-west

View looking south from the lane near Gus' Cafe

View looking south from Gus' Cafe lane

Garema Place upgrade survey

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