Key features of the Haig Park Community Centre designs

Integrated with the landscape

  • The centre is intended to open out to the landscape, extending into a semi-covered courtyard, which bridges the indoor spaces and surrounding park spaces.
  • An irrigated ‘village lawn’, nature play space for toddlers, an entry/gathering area as well as outdoor meeting spaces are proposed as integral elements of the ‘village type’ design for the community’s enjoyment.
  • The centre integrates with the parkland and can serve as a setting for a range of events during the day and evenings, including a small performance space facing onto the park.

Activating the park and building community

  • The building will be a key ‘activator’ in the park, supporting community connections and improving safety through passive surveillance, with internal lighting that transforms the centre into a beacon, or lantern, drawing people in from the park.
  • By providing a destination within the park, the centre will foster a sense of belonging and community stewardship of the park.

Working with the park’s heritage and sustainability

  • This location aligns with the Haig Park Conservation Management Plan, complementing and respecting the heritage value of the trees and park.
  • Applying adaptive reuse and placemaking principles, the former depot building is being re-purposed as a meeting / wet workshop space as part of the Authority’s sustainability initiative.

Site layout and landscaping

aerial map of site

Key features of the landscaping

  • New outdoor plaza and outdoor workshop area
  • Landscaping nodes that may include decomposed gravel paving with BBQ, picnic setting, drinking fountains, bike racks and bench seating
  • New lawn irrigated with rainwater harvested from roof
  • New entry connection to outdoor plaza and proposed buildings
  • Refurbished existing depot building as wet workshop
  • Proposed building with multipurpose rooms
  • Potential nature play space

Building design

map of proposed building

Key features of the building design

North building

  • Workshop wet area
  • Utility room with bin storage
  • Storeroom
  • Ambulant toilets
  • Pergolas connecting buildings

South building

  • Servery
  • Multipurpose room
  • Kitchenette
  • Storeroom
  • Small meeting/consultation rooms
  • Accessible toilet
  • Informal stage area

How to have YourSay

To share your thoughts, please answer a few questions by 5pm on Thursday 26 November.