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Salthouse Community Centre

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Canberra is known for its generous green spaces and beautiful parks. Haig Park is in the heart of our city and a great example of our city’s wonderful public open space. It’s a heritage-listed urban forest linking the city’s business and retail centre and the growing and changing inner north residential suburbs.

It’s important to preserve and enhance these spaces in our changing and expanding city. In its current state, Haig Park is underused, perceived as unsafe and doesn't meet the needs of the Canberra community in 2018 and beyond.

The ACT Government and City Renewal Authority recognise the importance and potential of Haig Park and are committed to improving the park so we can all enjoy it while ensuring any changes respect and recognise its heritage value and role as a city park and urban forest.

Due to the diverse interest in the park by local residents and the wider community, a community engagement process was established to consult on how the public would like to see the park used, what they like about the space and what they would improve.

We will use your views to:

We sought your feedback on Haig Park Experiments to see if they could be improved and how they might have been implemented as long-term solutions to enhance Haig Park for the enjoyment of all Canberrans.

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