A future plan for Haig Park

One of the things Canberra is known for is large green spaces, bush reserves and beautiful parks. Haig Park is one of these, a heritage-listed park in the heart of our city centre, known for its rows of mixed tree species. However, Haig Park is currently underused, feels unsafe and doesn't meet the needs of the Canberra community.

The ACT Government has developed a plan for Haig Park that sets out a long-term vision for the park and suggested short-term actions to make it more inviting and usable while maintaining its heritage value.

During the engagement process for Haig Park we have heard from Canberrans on what they value about the park, what could be improved and their vision for Haig Park.

Given the park’s heritage listing, the place plan identifies how to improve the park in a way that is consistent with the heritage value of the area.

Throughout 2017 the community contributed to the process of making Haig Park a “more inviting and usable space while conserving and promoting its heritage significance” through a number of forums: from online surveys and discussion boards to in-person workshops, drop-in consultations, and meetings with key community representatives.The ideas from these sessions have been published in two community engagement reports, and will inform the next phase of action over the coming months.