Why Watson?

Before we selected the green space adjacent to Canberra Technology Park in Watson for the proposed new inner north play space, we explored a variety of other options.

Ten potential sites were identified across the inner north for a destination style play space.

Of the 10 potential sites, the Watson location was the only one that met all the criteria for the proposed new inner north play space, including:

  • suitable zoning
  • suitable land size
  • opportunity to provide car parking
  • located within good proximity to existing and future transport networks, including the Phillip Avenue light rail station and future Garden City cycle route
  • shops and services within close walking distance.

Location of proposed inner north play space

Sites investigated

10 sites were investigated including:

  1. Corroboree Park, Ainslie
  2. Corner Cowper and Antill Streets, Dickson
  3. Dickson floodway (behind Daramalan College), Dickson
  4. Dutton Street Playground, Dickson
  5. Melba Street Park, Downer
  6. Hackett Sportgsround tree buffer, Hackett
  7. North Lyneham open space, North Lyneham
  8. Sullivans Creek open space, Lyneham
  9. Turner parkland, Turner
  10. Academy of Interactive Entertainment green space, Watson

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