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Following consultation in late 2021, the preliminary design for the inner north play space in Watson has now been released.

You are invited to take a look at the preliminary design and let us know how you feel about what has been proposed and if you think there is something we missed.

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Current phase of engagement

In late 2021 initial engagement on the proposed play space was carried out. We received 570 pieces of feedback in total via the online survey, kids’ corner, email and social media. We heard there was strong support for an inclusive play space that caters to all ages and abilities and is well connected to and integrated with surrounding facilities and services. Feedback received from the community during the first stage of engagement identified key priorities for the inner north play space and established the design framework for the next phase of the project.

The next phase involved bringing together a diverse group of representative stakeholders in a workshop to test and refine design concepts arising from the community engagement. These community representatives worked with the design team to ensure the design direction met a wide range of needs, while remaining true to the priorities identified by the community during the 2021 engagement.

We have prepared the preliminary design for the inner north play space which we are now sharing with the community ahead of finalising it for construction.

Project background

The ACT Government is committed to delivering a new destination style play space for the inner north through upgrading the green space adjacent to Canberra Technology Park Watson. The space will provide a wide range of outdoor recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to play outdoors, catering to nearby schools and childcare centres and attracting residents from a large catchment.

Canberra Technology Park in Watson will be revitalised and its green space protected and enhanced, under an agreement between the ACT Government and the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE). This agreement sets terms and conditions for the direct sale of land to AIE in two stages and will allow AIE to develop a new purpose-built campus in Canberra that will serve as its global headquarters. The agreement also includes that AIE will make a significant contribution towards the replacement of the two existing tennis courts, which was made in 2021.

The ACT Government will retain responsibility for the green space adjacent to Canberra Technology Park, which comprises approximately 22,152 square metres of land at the site's north-eastern side, bounded by Windeyer Street, Burton Street and A'Beckett Street. This green space will be used for the Inner North Play Space.

An upgrade of the green space is proposed to provide modern outdoor recreation opportunities and deliver on the 2020 election commitment to deliver a destination style play space in the inner north.

More information about the site selection for the inner north play space is available here.

We will use your views to

Feedback from the community and stakeholders during this third stage of engagement will be used to finalise the design ahead of construction procurement later in 2023.