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How you had YourSay:

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the future use of Canberra Technology Park. The consultation took place from 5 February to 16 March 2018, using a combination of online and face to face activities.

The What We Heard report is a snapshot of feedback we received, and is an interim report.

The Final Report outlines the government’s decision, outcomes of the consultation process and next steps.

Outcome: how the site will be used

Following extensive community consultation undertaken in 2018, and a decision by Government in 2019 to enter into direct negotiation with the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), the ACT Government and AIE have reached agreement on the terms of a direct sale of part of Block 1 Section 13 Watson (Canberra Technology Park).

AIE will now consolidate its Global Headquarters in Canberra and deliver a specialised, world-class education and training facility, with associated student accommodation.

As previously committed by the ACT Government, the community green space at the site is not part of the land that AIE will purchase by direct sale. The agreement ensures the green space around the site is retained, upgraded and maintained by the Territory, in line with community expectations.

Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) is investigating upgrade options for the green space consistent with feedback received during the 2018 community consultation process, and will progress further engagement with the community about the nature and scale of proposed upgrades.

The upgrade will include two new multi-purpose courts within the community green space, with AIE making a significant contribution to the cost of the new courts.

Key features of AIE’s redevelopment include:

  • development in ten stages over 20 years;
  • capital expenditure of approximately $200 million;
  • subdivision of the site to accommodate AIE’s development on part of the land that AIE will purchase by direct sale and also the green space that will be retained and managed by the Territory; and
  • a two-stage sale process that will enable AIE to maintain business continuity in the existing buildings on the site while it constructs new facilities, and to allow for necessary demolition and remediation of site contamination.

Government’s decision was informed by the outcome of community consultation undertaken in February and March 2018. This showed overall 85 per cent support for the proposed future use of the site as a higher education and community precinct, including student accommodation, and upgraded public green space.

This is significant for Canberra. AIE is a unique industry development leader in the education, creative arts, technology and media sectors and this development will position our city as a national leader in the interactive games and film industry.

This also reinforces Canberra’s growing reputation as the knowledge capital, and will stimulate economic activity to boost local businesses and support economic recovery from the impacts of COVID 19.

We were looking at:

The Canberra Technology Park site, on the corner of Windeyer St and Phillip Avenue, is a public asset that was previously occupied by Watson High School from 1965 to 1988. Shortly after, Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) took over the site. The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) and Canberra City Band have been the main tenants at the site in recent years.

We know this is an important site for many Canberrans, whether it’s because you went to Watson High School, you’ve worked at the site, live in the area or use the oval.

During the consultation period, we asked you what you love about the site and improvements you'd like to see if it is redeveloped.

We used your views to:

We used your views to help inform government’s decision on the future use of the site and next steps.