What will happen now?


As a requirement of the terms agreed with the ACT Government for the direct sale, AIE will now develop a ‘future intentions plan’ (also known as the Campus Masterplan), in consultation with the community, that sets out its development intentions for the land it will purchase. That plan must be approved by the Territory prior to the sale of land being finalised.

AIE will be asked to present its development proposal to the National Capital Design Review Panel for review before lodgement of a development application. Early engagement with the Panel in the design process provides the most useful feedback.

In addition, AIE will be required to undertake community engagement on its detailed development proposals in accordance with the ACT Government’s pre‑Development Application community consultation processes, and the statutory Development Application process.

Site demolition

The ACT Government will demolish the current buildings, which are known to contain residual asbestos. The timing of site demolition and remediation will take into account AIE’s need to maintain business continuity on the site. Demolition work will occur in a two-stage process that will enable AIE to maintain business operations in the existing buildings while it constructs new facilities.

Any demolition work is unlikely to start before 2021. Site demolition and remediation will be undertaken securely and safely according to normal protocols.

Remediation of the site is the ACT Government’s responsibility and is not dependent on the sale being to AIE. Given the nature of the asbestos contamination within the buildings and the age of the buildings, which are beyond their useful economic life, the need for remediation of the site exists regardless of the site being used by AIE or any other entity.

Community green space

The community green space comprises approximately 22,152 square metres of land at the site’s north-eastern edge, bounded by Windeyer Street, Burton Street and A’Beckett Street.

The ACT Government has recognised community feedback which identified the value the community places on this open space, and has decided the Territory will retain responsibility for community green space on the site.

Transport Canberra and City Services is investigating upgrade options for the green space consistent with feedback received during the 2018 community consultation process, and will progress further engagement with the community about the nature and scale of proposed upgrades.