Location Selection Process

Within Kaleen there are 11 play spaces. To determine the preferred location for upgrade, a two-stage process was undertaken. Community feedback will also help inform the preferred play space for an upgrade.

How were play spaces analysed in stage one?

All play spaces were considered in the first stage of location selection.

A number of factors were considered including:

  • accessibility of the play space location to the greatest number of residents
  • proximity of the play space to other facilities including local shops and popular community hubs
  • number of community requests received for improvements
  • anecdotal evidence regarding the frequency of use.

This information on each play space created a shortlist of five play spaces. These were the Darby Street, Wakool Circuit and Glenelg Street play spaces, the play space at the local shops on Ashburton Circuit and the Leela recreational play space behind the Kaleen Community Hall.

The below map identifies each play space in Kaleen. It's also available as a PDF for downloading.

There are 11 play spaces in Kaleen.

How were shortlisted play spaces assessed in stage two?

The shortlisted play spaces were assessed against specific criteria (detailed in the matrix below) for suitability for upgrading. This criteria included:

  • block size suitability
  • how the land is zoned
  • complementary uses, such as proximity to other community facilities
  • access, including active travel and public transport availability
  • parking opportunities
  • existing amenities (toilets, bins, furniture, water refill stations)
  • existing landscape elements and climate
  • landform (steepness of site, drainage).

The below matrix details how the five play spaces rated against the suitability criteria. This is also available as a PDF for downloading.

Five play spaces were shortlisted for further analysis.

Overall, the Wakool Circuit play space was the preferred site for upgrading due to:

  • central location within the suburb, with excellent connectivity to the active travel network
  • existing equipment is worn and would benefit from an upgrade
  • suitable landscape elements and good passive surveillance from residents with a road buffer between residents and playground.
Playground on Wakool Circuit in Kaleen