How you had your say:

We have been in a conversation on light rail for over nine years, and in that time you have shared your views via:

  • 11,000 survey responses
  • 17,087 face to face conversations
  • 19,496 responses to formal consultation activities
  • 2,990 businesses and shopping centres visited
  • 700 construction engagements
  • 2,800 media mentions

What we heard:

We have been monitoring, listening, engaging, presenting, answering questions, responding to correspondence through to joining talk back radio and we have heard 10 key themes emerge:

  1. Project versus cost benefit
  2. Changing identity and impact on heritage
  3. Business impacts
  4. Design and stop locations
  5. Park & ride facilities
  6. Integrated transport network
  7. Safety and access
  8. Construction
  9. Improving communications
  10. Future stages of the light rail network

How we are using your views:

We have listened, and as we plan for the Canberra's next stage of the light rail network, we will improve by:

  • Providing more communication about the light rail network; including access to interactive maps and visualizations to assist in understanding the cost factor in decision making throughout the project.
  • Outlining how we will protect heritage and environment through approval processes that are open for community comment.
  • Holding community sessions to discuss what is being planned for stops, access to stops, rail design, parking, and protection of green spaces.
  • Starting our engagement program early with targeted groups including businesses.
  • Providing more information about the interfaces between cycling, bus, and light rail; and installing more Bike & Ride infrastructure to support access to the light rail network.
  • Hosting an ongoing safety campaign for light rail and the related construction areas.
  • Providing early advice on what to expect with construction timing and staging, with more on-ground community relations staff to meet with, and help to identify how impacts can be minimized.