The government anticipates starting construction of the new local neighbourhood park at S. 76 in mid 2023. The park will be safe and provide infrastructure for a range of ages and play styles. Construction of the park is expected to take approximately 6 months.

The centre piece will be the Maliyan structure, which provides recognition to the importance of Maliyan to Ngunnawal people. (‘Maliyan’ means Wedge-tailed Eagle in the Ngunnawal language). The structure is planned to include a table and seats, a canvas for artwork and a structure to suspend/attach play items, such as a net swing.

The updated sketch plan, shown below, incorporates many of the ideas suggested by the community during consultation in 2021.

Play equipment will include nature play, swings, slides, climbers and spinners. Static exercise equipment and a kick around space will also be delivered to cater for older children and adults.

The members of the local Dhawura Ngunnawal Caring for Country Committee and of the Representative Aboriginal Organisations have been involved in the development of the design, including the Maliyan structure. Information shared by the Ngunnawal people about the importance of the Maliyan to their community and culture is proposed to be incorporated into the park. The park will also incorporate a selection of endemic plants that have a special and practical connection to Ngunnawal community and culture. Artworks designed and potentially delivered by Ngunnawal artists will be distributed in various locations throughout the park.

This park is additional to the open space set aside for protection of trees, shade and habitat for wildlife (including the Super Parrot).

Watson park sketch drawing design