Project status: In progress

Section 76 in north Watson, between Aspinall Street and the Federal Highway, has been identified for housing and a park and to protect habitat for wildlife.

How you had YourSay

We asked your views on:

  • the draft place plan and development concept to guide future development of the site
  • the proposed public neighbourhood park
  • walking and cycling connections to the site.

You were invited to contribute your thoughts via surveys and a mapping tool. You were also invited to provide written feedback on a draft variation to the Territory Plan that would allow for urban renewal of the site.

This latest round of consultation on Section 76 ran from 1 February to 19 March 2021. It followed earlier consultation with the community about the site in 2018.

In 2018, Watson residents told us they wanted development between Aspinall Street and the Federal Highway in north Watson to be sensitive to the local character of the suburb. They wanted their suburb to be sustainable, inclusive, resilient, leafy and active. This consultation informed the drafting of the Place Plan and Development Concept and the variation to the Territory Plan released for comment in 2021.

We are looking at:

The ACT’s urban renewal program is helping us build a compact, liveable city. Section 76, on the ACT’s Indicative Land Release Program, is part of that renewal.

The ACT Government has committed to provide on the site:

  • 150-200 new dwellings
  • Demonstration Housing project to showcase best practice design and trial different types of housing
  • a one-hectare neighbourhood park to provide north Watson residents with good quality, public open space
  • almost two hectares of public open space as tree and landscape protection areas for wildlife, including the vulnerable Superb Parrot, to reduce urban heat, for enjoyment and general amenity.

The draft Territory Plan variation for Section 76 proposed to permit residential use, demonstration housing, a craft workshop and a social enterprise to help people build new skills. The proposed land-use zoning will also allow for some community and other uses and to protect important trees and landscape areas.

Colour-coded map of Section 76 showing where the open space, housing and park are proposed for the site.

We will use your views to:

We will release a report on what you told us about plans for Section 76 on this page in coming months.

Your views will be used to finalise the Place Plan and Development Concept which will provide a concept for the new neighbourhood park and guide future development.

The Place Plan and draft Territory Plan variation, once finalised, will not approve any specific development. Future development proposals will still need to go through the development application process, which provides further opportunities for community comment.