Project status: Closed

Section 76 in north Watson lies between Aspinall Street and the Federal Highway, next to the Starlight Apartments. The site has been identified for housing, a park and open spaces to protect the trees and wildlife habitat.

In 2021, the community helped the government develop the Place Plan and Development Concept, which is guiding future development on the site. Planning changes recommended in the Place Plan and Development concept were implemented through Territory Plan Variation 372, which was approved in April 2022.

We are delivering

Section 76 is part of the ACT’s urban renewal program to help us build a compact, liveable city. The site is also identified on the ACT’s Indicative Land Release Program (ILRP).

The site will include:

  • approximately 200 new dwellings to meet the targets set in the ILRP
  • a Demonstration Housing project (approximately 20–30 dwellings) that delivers and tests innovative housing typologies and models to increase housing choice, such as co-housing
  • a neighbourhood park to provide Watson residents with quality public open space with activities for people of a range of ages and play styles
  • the retention of existing high-quality trees, which are important for wildlife and to help reduce the urban heat island effect.

Note: a pathway connection between Aspinall Street and the Federal Highway is required and will be delivered at a future date by the developer of the site.

Subdivision Design Application

Pre-Development Application consultation on the estate development plan, now known as a Subdivision Design Application (SDA), for Section 76 Watson has closed. See the draft plan here.

The feedback received from community is being used to inform the preparation of the SDA, anticipated to be lodged with the Territory Planning Authority in the first half of 2024. During the development application phase you will have the opportunity to comment on the design for the estate, which will identify block boundaries, site services, landscaping and access into the site.

You will also have the opportunity to comment on future development proposals submitted through development application by private developers , including for the proposed Demonstration Housing site and residential site being released by the Suburban Land Agency.

How you've had YourSay so far

In 2018 to 2021, you helped us develop the Place Plan and Development Concept to guide the development of the site. You told us what you would like to see in the neighbourhood park and walking and cycling connections to the site. We also heard that you wanted the development to be sensitive to the local character of the suburb—to be sustainable, inclusive, resilient, leafy and active.

The listening report on the consultation is available in the document library.

You also had your say on the draft Territory Plan Variation 372, which is now in place.

Community consultation on the Subdivision Development pre-Development Application was held between 31 July and 14 August 2023.Pop-up stalls illustrating the proposed subdivision design for Section 76 Watson were held at the Watson Shops on Friday 11 August and on site on Saturday 12 August 2023.

Stakeholder consultation meetings were held with groups such as the Watson Community Association and the Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate’s Dhawura Ngunnawal Caring for Country Committee. The findings from this consultation will be provided in the consultation section of the Development Application, anticipated to be lodged in the first half of 2024.This Development Application will be available for public comment on the planning website.