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How you had YourSay:

Canberra is growing and the ACT Government is committed working with industry to ensure our community's transport needs are being met, no matter where Canberrans live, or what their accessibility needs are.

Following a number of nation-leading reforms back in 2015, the government is now considering a number of extra reforms, including new approaches to taxi supply and setting taxi fares, as well as possible environmental standards for the on-demand transport industry.

Between 18 September 2018 and 3 December 2018 you provided input by:

  • taking the survey on this page
  • sending us an email submission, or
  • sending us a written submission by post.

In addition, a number of focus groups were held with stakeholders and members of the broader community.

To see an overview of the feedback, please take a look at the What We Heard report [pdf][word].

What we looked at:

The ACT’s 2015 reform to the on-demand transport industry has had a significant impact on consumers and industry participants.

That package of reforms has recently been evaluated, with extensive input from the industry and community, and the ACT Government has taken up most of the evaluation's recommendations for further reform.

The Government sought more feedback from community on some of the recommendations, asking four key questions:

  1. What factors should the Government consider when thinking about increasing or removing the regulated cap on standard-taxi supply?
  2. Should any environmental conditions, such as fuel type or efficiency, be applied to future on-demand transport vehicles?
  3. Can booked services fares be deregulated now, with the deregulation of the taxi licence cap, or later?
  4. How should we determine the annual increase in regulated taxi fares? Cost composite model, CPI or another method?

These are complex issues, which will have impacts for on-demand transport industry users and participants across the ACT. Given this, we have decided to conduct a dedicated consultation process with a focus on these four key questions. More background information is in the discussion paper [pdf] [word].

The Government wants on-demand transport in the ACT to provide the safe, affordable, accessible and quality services that consumers want now and in the future.

Who provided input:

This engagement was of particular interest to participants in the on-demand transport industry, such as on-demand transport operators and drivers, taxi licence holders, Transport Booking Services, and passengers. All members of the community were welcome to contribute.

We used your views to:

The Government will take information gleaned from this consultation process but does not plan to undertake any further significant reform at this stage. The Government will maintain a watching brief on the matters raised in the What We Heard report [pdf][word], including environmental standards, taxi supply and taxi fares.


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