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How you had YourSay

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the draft ACT Play Space Strategy from 2 November to 14 December 2021.

You provided more than 700 pieces of feedback on the strategy's vision, objectives and actions as well as our play space network more broadly via:

  • the online survey
  • our interactive play space map
  • the online kids' corner
  • emailing feedback to

A What We Heard Report which summarises the key themes from the consultation is now available.

Community feedback led to the development and refinement of Better Places to Play: ACT Play Space Strategy.

The Strategy will guide the forward planning, delivery and management of play spaces, ensuring an equitable, inclusive, diverse, safe and engaging mix of play opportunities across Canberra.

  • Our play spaces

    Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on Canberra's district, central and local play spaces via our interactive map.

    Feedback closed 14 December 2021.

  • Survey

    Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the draft ACT Play Space Strategy by completing our short survey.

    Feedback closed 14 December 2021.

  • Kids' corner

    Thanks to the Canberra kids who told us what a happy and healthy play space for children of all ages and abilities looks like.

    We loved seeing your drawings and comments.

    Feedback closed 14 December 2021.

We are looking at

The ACT Government recognises the critical role and value of play in enriching the lives of Canberrans of all ages and creating a healthy, connected, vibrant and sustainable Canberra.

There are 515 publicly accessible play spaces across Canberra that are owned and managed by the ACT Government. These local neighbourhood, central community and district play spaces provide a variety of play opportunities that enable the multiple benefits of play.

Canberra has significantly more play spaces than the national average, at 6.7 playgrounds per 1,000 children under 15 compared with the Australian average of only 5.2.

Most residences in Canberra are within 400 metres of a local playground and this ease of access to a play space and the surrounding green space is highly valued by the community. However, many local play spaces in Canberra’s older suburbs have low play value because they cater to limited age ranges and lack the quality of play experience available in newer, larger play spaces.

The ACT Play Space Strategy will help guide a strategic approach to investment across the entire play space network to ensure Canberrans have equitable access to a mix of district, central and local neighbourhood playgrounds. It provides a clear vision, supported by key principles, objectives and actions to guide the future planning, delivery and management of play spaces in the ACT.

The strategy is informed by the 2018 citizen-led Better Suburbs Play Spaces Forum. It also builds on extensive community engagement with Canberrans across a range of ACT Government play space consultations and research projects while also contributing to the objectives of the ACT Wellbeing Framework.

We used your views to

Your feedback helped us refine the draft strategy, to ensure it meets the needs of the community and key stakeholders now and into the future.