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Belconnen Library and Pedestrian Plaza has been provisionally registered on the ACT Heritage Register for its role in the NCDC’s planning of the Belconnen town centre and implantation of the Y-plan and the Heritage Council wanted to hear your comments to see if they got it right.

Provisional registration is only the first step to let you know why the Council thinks a place or object is important to the ACT and you, its residents. The Council wanted to hear what you think about their initial assessment to see if you think they got it right, or if there is other information to consider.

The Council’s initial view of heritage significance is in the survey, but you may find the following overview helpful.

The Belconnen Library and Pedestrian Plaza, built 1982, were designed by Robin Gibson & Partners for the National Capital Development Commission (NCDC). It was a pivotal link in the NCDC’s design of the Belconnen Town Centre which was a key component of the NCDC’s Y-plan to expand Canberra into several satellite towns supporting a core in the City. The design by Gibson had to incorporate several wider area planning principles dictated by the NCDC while also being complimentary to existing designs of the nearby Cameron Offices and the Revival Centre. This was achieved with a modern design that has proven to be effective as a library and flexible enough to incorporate changes to the library system over time. The simple and effective layout of the building within the context of the Plaza and the wider connected network of pedestrian movement has been retained and as the Belconnen Town Centre develops as the NCDC had planned several decades earlier, the place is being shown to reinforce the original planning ideals laid down in the 1970s.

How you had YourSay:

Check out the document library, site images and map of the property below to understand what's being proposed. You had YourSay by:

  • Taking the survey
  • Alternatively, using the survey template (in the document library) and emailing it to the Council

Comments made through this website are formal statutory consultation comments and are given to the Council. The statutory consultation notice can be found on the ACT Government’s Find a Public Notice site.

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We will use your views to:

This was the opportunity for you to say if you think the Council has it right or wrong, or if there is anything else they should have considered.

A common outcome of consultation is the Council confirming or rethinking what is included in their assessment, or what a final decision may look like. This can involve changing boundaries or adding or removing features that make up the significant fabric of the place.