Upgrade zones

Features of the proposed designs

Upgraded paving

The plans propose modern concrete pavers and reuse existing bricks as a feature. This approach supports sustainability and respects the history and character of Dickson Shops.

Enhanced lighting and other safety features

To make Dickson Shops safer and more attractive after dark.

Decluttering of Taglietti Square (library plaza) and other courtyards

To create a more spacious, accessible, and adaptable area for hosting small events and activities. This effort aligns with the vision of establishing a 'town square' as outlined in the Dickson Place Plan, while also ensuring unobstructed views of the heritage-listed Dickson Library.

Preservation of mature trees in elevated planters

Incorporating expanded root zones where feasible, to support the health of these valuable assets.

Consideration of existing and new public artworks

To retain the shops distinct character and provide a sense of playfulness.

Opportunities for incidental play

In Zone A (south of the post office), situated away from traffic, to create a safer and more family-oriented environment.

Widening the pedestrian link from Cowper Street to the post office

To create a more generous east-west pedestrian environment, with more seating and amenities. This is made possible by rearranging current angled parking to use space more effectively while maintaining the total number of accessible and short-term parking spaces, as well as loading zones.

Increased greenery

To help achieve canopy cover goals and mitigate the urban heat island effect.

Improved pedestrian connections across Badham Street

The project will also consider opportunities to improve the pedestrian crossing.

Previous engagement

Building on previous consultation, these upgrades aim to ensure Dickson Shops are safe, well-connected, inviting, family-friendly, and sustainable shopping and community hub.

The proposed designs build on key community feedback such as:

  • Concerns about safety, including potential trip hazards, poor lighting, limited passive surveillance, as well as antisocial and criminal behaviour.
  • Infrastructure is dated and lacks amenity.
  • Spaces are too cluttered, with limited accessibility and wayfinding.
  • Flooding in courtyards during heavy rain.
  • The need to improve the quality of the public spaces to draw more visitors to the Dickson Shops, particularly in the evenings.
  • Growing demand for additional bike parking facilities
  • Requests for more public art

For more information about past and current projects in Dickson please see the City Renewal Authority website.

Dickson Shops upgrades masterplan


​View of Taglietti Square: A meeting place for all

A meeting place for all. The design proposes a flexible space that encourages community events, whilst maintaining clear and safe movement around Dickson Shops.

Before After

View of Zone A: Spaces that encourage socialisation and conversation

The design proposes a series of spaces that encourage socialisation and conversation. This zone also includes informal play opportunities and outdoor dining.

Before After

View of Zone B: Dickson Pool to Taglietti Square

Connecting Dickson Pool and Taglietti Square, with improved pedestrian circulation and increased amenity including - ample seating opportunities, bicycle parking, proposed trees and planting.

Before After

View of Zone C: Spaces to support small gatherings

The spaces within the courtyards have been designed to support small gatherings, retail and outdoor dining. The activity is concentrated in the centre of the space to take advantage of winter solar access, and to ensure clear and safe pedestrian movement.

Before After

View of Zone D: Aimed to improve the pedestrian experience

A key circulation space with increased amenity to improve the pedestrian experience. Opportunities for social interactions are provided through pockets of seating, bicycle parking and planting.

Before After

View of Zone E: A pedestrian connection

A pedestrian connection designed to provide amenity for pedestrians moving through the space and utilising the surrounding retail. The space includes seating opportunities and bicycle parking.

Before After

Dickson Shops - survey

Dickson Shops - design pack