This project is open for feedback

How to have YourSay

The ACT Government is planning upgrades to Dickson Shops to create a more accessible, modern and welcoming public space for locals and visitors.

The draft designs for the upgrade of the Dickson Shops courtyards have been prepared. We are seeking your feedback and suggestions by 23 April.

Your feedback will help us to refine the design before proceeding to construction, which is expected to commence in 2025.

You can view the proposed designs and take the survey online.

You are also welcome to attend a public drop-in session in Dickson to discuss the designs with the project team or contact us via phone or email.

What we are looking at

Informed by the Dickson Place Plan and community feedback since its development, these designs have been thoughtfully crafted to refresh the Dickson Shops precinct while aiming to retain its distinct character and charm.

These upgrades are focused on creating a sustainable public space that encourages people to visit and stay longer, driving social and economic activity in the process.

Some of the key features of the upgrade include:

  • improved paving
  • enhanced lighting and other safety features
  • decluttering of Taglietti Square (library plaza) and other courtyards
  • preservation of mature trees in elevated planters
  • consideration of existing and new public artworks
  • opportunities for incidental play
  • improved seating opportunities
  • widening the pedestrian link from Cowper Street to the post office
  • improved pedestrian connections across Badham Street.

Previous engagement

Building on previous consultation, these upgrades aim to ensure Dickson Shops are safe, well-connected, inviting, family-friendly, and sustainable shopping and community hub.


We will use your views to

Your feedback will help us to identify opportunities to improve the design to best serve this popular shopping destination, and ensure the improvements complement our recent Woolley Street upgrades and other nearby developments.

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