What is involved in putting a submission together?

Don’t worry, we’re not asking for an essay!

As you’re formulating your idea, keep the questions in the submission form in mind. In that form we’ll be asking you:

  • To tell us about your idea in 300 words or less;
  • How your idea will help people to feel more connected and resilient;
  • How you plan to bring it to life if the community chooses your idea;
  • About how much you think it will cost to make your idea a reality; and
  • If there are any permits required, like building permits or land use.

Get creative

For your submission think about doing a video of you explaining your idea, putting a digital design together, or providing images of what it could look like to help us understand your vision. These could be as well as or instead of the written information, as long as all the questions are answered.

Top tips