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Submissions close 16 October 2023.

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Eligible ideas

Ideas that are eligible will go to the Richardson community for decision making and voting. To decide which ideas are achievable, an ACT Government working group will look through them to see how they:

  • Fit within a budget of $40, 000 or less;
  • Compete with or compliment other projects in Richardson;
  • Can be completed within 12 months; and
  • Can be driven by community.

Non-eligible ideas

Ideas will not be able to go to the Richardson community for decision making and voting if they:

  • Exclude people or groups;
  • Use the ACT Government funds to supply alcohol;
  • Won't be implemented in Richardson or suburbs next to Richardson;
  • Have already received ACT Government funding of more than $5, 000; or
  • Propose activities that are illegal or offensive.