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How you had YourSay

The ACT Government asked Canberrans to consider the introduction of a right to a healthy environment in the Human Rights Act 2004.

On 30 June 2022, the ACT Government released a Discussion Paper to inform consideration of the introduction of a right to a healthy environment in the Human Rights Act 2004. The Discussion Paper poses a number of questions for community feedback. It is available on this page under the document library.

Canberrans had the opportunity to help shape the content and definition of this human right.

Community feedback on the Discussion Paper is closed. Thank you for your interest. The feedback was considered and a Listening report was published on 29 November 2022.

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What we looked at

In our changing environment, we are more in tune than ever to the actions we must take to secure a liveable, sustainable and healthy future for our community, for all species and for future generations.¹

The right to a healthy environment recognises the close relationship between human rights and the environment.

Protecting the environment and ensuring clean air, a safe climate, diverse ecosystems, clean water and biodiversity, is important for human health and wellbeing and for the enjoyment of other human rights

In the Discussion Paper - Right to a Healthy Environment , the community was asked to provide feedback on:

  • How could we define a right to a healthy environment?
  • What duties could be included for the Government and private entities to ensure respect for individuals’ right to healthy environment?
  • What additional measures could be considered to ensure protection of a right to healthy environment for vulnerable groups?
  • How could a right to a healthy environment recognise the importance of ‘country’ for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?
  • How could the Government go about fulfilling a right to a healthy environment?

¹ACT Government, ACT Climate Change Strategy (Climate Change Strategy) 2019-2025, 1.

Right to Healthy Environment - Panel Discussion

How we used your views

Community feedback we received guided the ACT Government's consideration of amending the Human Rights Act 2004 to recognise a right to a healthy environment.

Privacy policy

Before making a submission, please review the YourSay privacy policy. Any personal information received during your submission will be used only for the purposes of this community engagement process. Names of organisations may be included in any subsequent consultation report, but all individuals will be deidentified unless prior approval is gained.