The shared e-scooter scheme is now available across Canberra following the latest expansion of the scheme to Tuggeranong, Molonglo and additional areas in Weston Creek and Woden Valley.

Please use the interactive map below to provide feedback on the implementation of the scheme in the newly expanded areas, specifically the key travel routes which link operating areas and the zones.

There are four different types of zones to improve rider and public safety. These include:

  • slow zones – e-scooters cannot ride faster than 15km/h. These zones aim to improve public safety and are generally located in high pedestrian areas
  • no ride zones – e-scooters are not able to ride within these zones to ensure rider and public safety. Examples include aged care areas, within school premises, inside shopping centres, native vegetation areas
  • no parking zones – while people can ride through these zones they cannot finish their destination here
  • designated parking points- a small allocated shared e-scooter parking area within a broader no parking zone.

Note: To report an issue or make a complaint, please contact the relevant e-scooter provider directly:

Tip: All layers are currently turned on. Turn layers on and off to view the different zones within the expansion areas.