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Statement of Planning Intent

The Statement of Planning Intent was initiated by the Minister for Planning, Mick Gentleman. It sets out the main planning principles that govern planning and land development across the ACT for the next five years to 2020.

In essence, it will guide the direction of Canberra’s built environment by incorporating current land and development policy with community driven innovation and vibrancy.

The Statement articulates four planning priorities and strongly reflects the key messages heard from the community and stakeholders during extensive workshops and public meetings. The Statement is being implemented by the Environment and Planning Directorate.

Statement of Planning Intent image of four priorities

Community engagement

Extensive stakeholder and community engagement informed the development of the Statement. Engagement occurred between February and March 2015. More than 170 stakeholders and community members attended workshops, completed feedback forms or provided their individual feedback on their desired planning priorities for the Statement.

The workshop outcomes are contained in the Statement of Intent Public Engagement Report.

Youth at SOPI consultation


The actions outlined in the Statement are being implemented and the community informed of the actions’ progress through regular community newsletters.

Newsletter - April 2016