What is the Throsby Community Garden proposal?

The proposed Throsby Community Garden is an initiative between the Suburban Land Agency and the Woodlands and Wetlands Trust that will be located adjacent to the Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary (the Sanctuary). The community garden aims to provide an opportunity for the people of Throsby and surrounding suburbs to connect and learn about gardening, the local environment and each other.

Residents of the Gungahlin area will be invited to participate in a survey, workshops and other activities to determine the level of community interest in the Throsby Community Garden Proposal, and to provide input into the design and logistics of the garden and its ongoing management and administrative structure.

How does a community garden work?

In similar gardens elsewhere, people participate by becoming ‘members’ of the community garden. Members of the garden may be able to rent garden beds (plots) and manage the maintenance and garden growth associated with their own plot. Members may, depending on the structure of the community garden, also have access to larger community (shared) plots. A volunteer group (made up of members) usually assigns key roles to ensure the ongoing maintenance, membership base and general upkeep of the garden is maintained. How this particular garden is planned, developed and operated will be guided by the community.

When will the garden be open?

If there is sufficient community interest in the garden, the opening is planned to occur by the end of 2020. A number of factors may impact timing including, but not limited to, community consultation, feedback, and the impact of COVID-19 on development and engagement.

Who may join as a member/have access to the community garden?

Residents of Throsby and other nearby Gungahlin suburbs are invited to take part, along with volunteers and friends from the Sanctuary. Pending local interest, residents of Throsby may initially have preferential access to memberships for the community garden.

How can I be involved in the community garden?

There may be opportunities to get involved in a variety of roles such as helping with creating the garden, volunteering to manage membership or other administrative tasks, coordinating community involvement, promoting the garden and of course, garden upkeep and maintenance! Email us at mingle@act.gov.au if you would like to register your interest in the development phase of the garden.

What happens to the produce in a community garden?

It depends on the plots (garden beds) available. Private plots allow you to plant and use everything you grow, privately. Shared plots can be used by all members. The type of plots in the Throsby Community Garden will be determined in consultation with community members.

Will the Throsby Community Garden be free?

Community gardens incur costs to upkeep and run. It is likely that there will be a nominal fee for members. We are taking submissions via our survey about community preferences on a variety of issues relating to the garden including whether people would be prepared to pay an annual fee. We would love your thoughts.

Will the Throsby Community Garden be created to take into account accessibility needs?

Yes, the garden will be designed to maximise accessibility.

What is the relationship between the proposed Throsby Community Garden, the Woodlands and Wetlands Trust and the forthcoming Learning Centre?

The Woodlands and Wetlands Trust helps manage Mulligan’s Flat Woodlands Sanctuary and the forthcoming Learning Centre.The Trust will lead the development of the garden and will be using part of the allocated space to grow produce for use in the Learning Centre kitchen. For some sketch plans visit their website, here. The community garden is a logical extension of the learning, community engagement and environmental care programs that emanate from Mulligans Flat and will be brought together at the Learning Centre.

What size will the plots be?

Community consultation feedback will inform the decisions on garden design, including the number of plots and sizes.

Who can I speak with to find out more / get involved?

You can contact the Suburban Land Agency at mingle@act.gov.au or phone 02 6205 0600 if you have any questions, feedback or wish to be involved in the Throsby Community Garden.