In March 2016 the ACT Government announced plans to explore the suitability of land to the west of the Tuggeranong Town Centre, between the centre and the Murrumbidgee River, for development. Early exploration identified opportunities for a range of land uses, including residential and small commercial development.

Unlike other town centres in Canberra, Tuggeranong town centre is located on the edge of the urban area, with no population catchment on its western side, the land is also close to shops, employment and services.

This area already incorporates small parcels of development, including offices, a hotel, a licensed club and several sport and recreation facilities. The land has the potential to include residential development, which would bring new housing choices to Tuggeranong.

A preliminary study confirmed there are no major obstacles to future urban development. However, more detailed investigations would be needed to determine how the land can be used. These include detailed planning and engineering feasibility studies, and discussions between relevant government agencies as well as with the National Capital Authority.

Urban renewal is a core priority of the ACT Government, vital to growing Canberra’s economy and strengthening our community. Successful urban renewal sensitively brings together the old and the new, to the benefit and enrichment of both.

Connecting with Tuggeranong

Stage 1

The ACT Government talked to local stakeholders to find out what they value about this area. We also asked about the potential development and how the area could be shaped into the future. The community told us they value the Murrumbidgee River corridor environment and surrounding community facilities. This information will inform our ongoing consideration of this area.

A community feedback report was prepared for government and released on 30 May 2016.

Stage 2

Following the initial phase of community consultation, the ACT Government established the western Greenway community panel to draw on community expertise and ensure the right questions were asked about any potential development between the Tuggeranong town centre and Murrumbidgee River.

The community panel was chaired by Dr David Shorthouse and included representatives from Tuggeranong Community Council and other key environment, heritage, community, business and sport and recreation groups.

The community panel met four times between July and October 2016 and prepared an outcomes report to present to the ACT Government. The western Greenway community panel outcomes report was publicly released on 23 December 2016.

For more details on the work of the panel visit the Western Greenway Community Panel page on this website.

What's Next?

The community panel outcomes report provides the views of the panel in relation to the development of land in western Greenway and puts forward a number of recommendations to government on next steps for urban renewal in the Tuggeranong region. The ACT Government will now work to address recommendations outlined in the community panel’s report.