Project status: Closed

How you had YourSay:

The #WodenExperiment was designed to re-energise the Woden Town Square.

Initial comments were sought on potential activities and events that could be part of the #WodenExperiment activation of the Woden Town Square.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the #WodenExperiment from September to November 2018.

The #WodenExperiment opened to the public on 6 March 2019 with a range of activities encouraging the local community to spend more time in the revamped space.

What we looked at:

The design included activity hubs, including a work hub and community hub. Key design elements included a stage for community performances, smart benches with phone and laptop charging, flexible table settings next to areas set aside for pop up food and drink vendors, turf areas with natural play sculptural elements and an outdoor table tennis facility.

We asked the community for ideas to activate the space.

The ideas put forward included:

  • developing an arts and cultural development program
  • live music and after work drinks
  • using the Woden Experiment facilities for meetings and catch ups
  • fundraising BBQs by community organisations and groups
  • screening local sports and short films.

The feedback received also touched on the design including:

  • a vision for a play space for kids and adults alongside al fresco dining and cafes
  • ensuring that the activation is accessible
  • creating a smoke free culture in the square and smoke free zones
  • sculptural elements that kids can climb on
  • providing shelter and active surveillance
  • protection from the wind and heat radiation.

The installation of furniture and landscape elements has encouraged the community to stay, use and enjoy the space with family and friends.

How we used your views:

We considered your comments in preparing the final design and completing construction. The design was updated to include natural sculptural elements for play.

Now many members of the community use the shared spaces. Local businesses are also bringing their meetings outside offices and on weekends Canberrans use the Town Square for recreation.

To further enhance the area, bright artworks have been created on the surrounding walls facing the Town Square. Each artwork has it's own unique story to tell.

Following the success of the Woden Experiment, additional improvements were completed in the pedestrian link between the Town Square to Corinna Street including in the Woden Library forecourt in mid-2020. Elements for these minor upgrades were informed by the consultation undertaken for the Woden Experiment as well as feedback received from the community during the Experiment.

There is new landscaping (including new trees), street furniture providing more spaces for you to sit and relax and we have also installed signage directing you to key locations in the town centre.