Project Status: Closed

The Heritage Council made the decision to register the Ginninderra Creek Corroboree Ground Cultural Gathering Place to the Heritage Register.

You can view the Notifiable Instrument for the decision to register.

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Ginninderra Creek Corroboree Ground Cultural Gathering Place has now been added to the ACT Heritage Register for its association with Aboriginal ceremonial gatherings.

The Ginninderra Creek Corroboree Ground Cultural Gathering Place represents an aspect of the past that contributes to the identity of the contemporary Aboriginal community in the Canberra region. In the past this place hosted corroborees and, although these cultural activities are no longer practised at this location, they form part of the historical memory of local Aboriginal people. Corroborees were special community events and, as such, have endured in oral resources and collective conscious. The place has a strong association for the Aboriginal community in the ACT with their cultural practices that were disrupted by colonisation. The importance of the place is also embedded within a broader associative cultural landscape.

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To understand what is being proposed, you had the opportunity to check out the map and site images outlined in the background information found in the document library. You had your say by:

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Your views submitted through the survey helped the ACT Heritage Council decide on the registration of this culturally significant site.