Mental health and suicide prevention continue to be priorities for the ACT Government. We aim to keep people well, living their best possible life. We also want to ensure that when people need help and support – they can access the right services, at the right time.

Between 4 February and 7 March 2019, you were able to have YourSay on mental health and wellbeing priority areas. You were able to do this by completing our online form.

By having YourSay you’ve played a part in helping us plan and prioritise the work of the Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing moving forward. We've now published a What We Heard report summarising your feedback.

What we looked at:

We worked across the community to develop the priority areas for mental health and wellbeing.

This contributed to the development of the Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing Work Plan.

Your feedback has helped create projects and programs that focus on the priorities for mental health and wellbeing that Canberrans want and need.