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Project overview

How you had YourSay

The Kippax Group Centre Master Plan 2019 sets out a vision to guide the growth and development in the centre over time.

Transport Canberra and City Services has undertaken extensive site investigations and targeted stakeholder engagement with local businesses and community groups to identify a priority area for public space improvements in line with the Master Plan.

The improvements take into consideration a number of other significant projects currently underway across Government in and around the Kippax Group Centre.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the preliminary design for public space improvements along the section of Hardwick Crescent between Luke Street and the service station (displayed in the map to the right). Your feedback helped inform the final design. Feedback closed 28 September 2022.

We looked at:

The Kippax Group Centre plays an important role for the Belconnen and broader community as a meeting place, a shopping hub and centre for local services. The preliminary plan for improvements along Hardwick Crescent was developed in response to the Master Plan 2019. The Master Plan identified a portion of Hardwick Crescent as the best opportunity currently available for creating a more accessible, useable, and welcoming community space, noting there are constraints to public space improvements at other locations in the Kippax Group Centre.

Hardwick Crescent improvements

Key themes from community feedback in 2022 included improving the overall look and feel of the space, landscaping and general improvements as well as safety increasing safety and access for pedestrian movements.

Parking and access

We heard concerns from the community about parking and accessibility in and around the carparks. Off-street parking in the large carparks will be adjusted to allow for new fully accessible and well-lit east/west pedestrian connections from Hardwick Crescent to Kippax Fair. This will make crossing the carpark safer and increase access to businesses either side of the carpark. The adjustments also provide two more disabled parking spaces next to the crossing to ensure people who would otherwise not be able to find a disabled carpark, close access to businesses on the western side of Hardwick Crescent.

A recent survey of carpark use shows the parking areas are still not at capacity despite the increased population in the Kippax area.

We used your views to

Feedback received during the engagement period helped finalise the design ahead of construction procurement. Construction will commence in 2024.

If you have any questions about this project or would like to be kept updated on its progress, please email

Artist impressions

What Hardwick Crescent could look like in the future. Please note this is indicative only.


What you told us you’d like to see

  • Opportunities for outdoor dining and new furniture
  • Improved access and ease of movement for pedestrians
  • Increased and diverse plantings as well as improvements to the overall look and feel of the space
  • Safety and accessibility improvements along Hardwick Crescent.

How we have used your feedback

The design show a range of improvements which aim to increase safety, accessibility and the overall look and feel of the space. Including:

  • wider and improved shopfront pavement, allowing space for outdoor cafes and public outdoor furniture
  • increased accessibility along shopfronts
  • an enhanced streetscape with new plantings and landscaping, including retaining walls between pedestrians, plantings and the road
  • improved safety for pedestrians with new pedestrian crossings and traffic calming measures including raising the two southern priority crossings
  • increased safety with lighting improvements
  • direct pedestrian links between the currently separated commercial centres on either side of the large carparks.

This survey closed on 28 September 2022.

Context image of area for public space improvements.