Kippax Group Centre

Extensive community consultation was undertaken from 2014 to 2019 to prepare a master plan for the Kippax group centre that sets a vision to guide growth and development in the centre over time.

The master plan addresses contemporary issues such as developing a compact and efficient and sustainable city for now and into the future. Territory Plan Variation number 361 followed the master plan in 2020 by setting the statutory planning provisions for commercial and residential expansion of the centre and the associated public realm upgrades.

Expression of Interest

The ACT Government is now undertaking the first stage of a competitive sales process for part Section 51 Holt.

This process will commence with an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for 8 weeks from 28 May – 25 July 2021. Depending on the outcomes of the EOI, a second stage such as a Request for Tender process may be undertaken. Respondents can lodge their response to the EOI at

The EOI process is seeking respondents to commit to providing broader community benefits and to undertake meaningful community engagement on their development proposal.

The land, shown as purple in the map below, is earmarked in the master plan for commercial and mixed-use development, which could include residential use.

Map of site for future development
Aerial view of Kippax group centre, with part Section 51, Holt, marked in purple

The community will be informed of the outcomes after the sales process.

If the process results in a successful purchaser, then community will have the opportunity to comment on a future development proposal of the land through the established statutory processes, including pre-development application consultation by a developer. A development application for this site would also likely require public notification of a proposal for the land.

A development application and associated community consultation is not expected to commence earlier than 2022.

While there are currently no plans to demolish buildings for part Section 51 Holt, demolition of the existing, ageing health building, toilets, and storage areas may be needed to make way for redevelopment on the site. The demolition of the old health building on Block 22 Section 51 Holt will depend on the outcome of a heritage nomination. Please see FAQs for more information on the heritage nomination of the old health building.

The community will also be invited to have their say on the detailed design of any new community facilities or upgrades to public places as the centre continues to grow.

More on the Kippax group centre master plan process

The Kippax Group Centre Master Plan, finalised in 2019, was prepared in response to actions outlined in the 2012 ACT Planning Strategy and is consistent with the recommendations in the 2018 refreshed ACT Planning Strategy. These actions include the need to: investigate opportunities for urban intensification for the centre; to ensure everyone has access to a range of facilities, services and opportunities for social interaction; and to encourage active travel to and from the centre.

The centre provides a diverse range of services and facilities for its surrounding suburbs, as well as the more recent growth generated by increased residential development in west Macgregor.

In 2020, Territory Plan Variation 361 implemented key recommendations from the Kippax Group Centre Master Plan. The variation changed land uses to provide for more community facilities and for the future expansion of the centre to the east over part of the Holt District Playing Fields.

Key recommendations

Key recommendations of the master plan, as indicated in Map 1, include:

  • establishing the centre’s role as a future major public transport hub
  • providing new opportunities for retail expansion, including mixed-use development across the centre
  • encouraging street based activity, through centre structure and built environment
  • creating a community hub for the centre, by co-locating community facilities with the existing Kippax Library
  • creating active meeting places, where people can linger and socialise
  • improving pedestrian and cyclists connections to and within the centre, to encourage active travel
  • managing car parking within the centre, to provide for economic efficiencies and improved access through the car park areas, and
  • promoting ecological enhancements, such as additional large tree plantings and integrated water cycle management for public spaces.

Key issues

Preparation of the master plan included extensive community engagement, background research and analysis. The key issues identified for the centre included:

  • Establishing a central hub with new community facilities, play space, trees and cafes next to the Kippax Library is supported.
  • Retail expansion over part of the existing Holt Playing Fields to the east of Kippax Fair is supported.
  • There is a need to improve cycling and walking infrastructure to cater for all ages and abilities.
  • The existing skate ramp is used regularly and is highly valued.
  • Convenient and accessible car parking in the central areas of the centre is highly valued.
  • The potential increase of urban heat island effect created by new development is of concern.
  • The potential increased volume and safety of traffic around the centre is of concern.
  • Land release of a number of Territory owned blocks.
  • Capital works for public domain upgrades to be considered in context of future budget funding.
  • Uptake of opportunities by private sector and the community.