Project status: In progress

The community hub

The community were invited to have their say and help shape the design of a new community hub in Kippax. Feedback was provided from community organisations and peak bodies including the Council on the Ageing, the ACT Council of Social Services, and the local community. Key insights from this feedback will inform the development of a concept design for the hub. For more information on the hub visit the Kippax Community Hub YourSay page.

What else is happening in Kippax?

The ACT Government has been working on delivering improvements at the Kippax group centre in line with the Kippax Group Centre Master Plan. This has included delivering the:

  • construction of sportsgrounds and associated infrastructure on the corner of Moyes Crescent and Starke Street
  • community and stakeholder consultation to inform a concept design of the community hub
  • design of a skate park with key stakeholders.

In 2023 a draft design for the skate park was completed with key stakeholders. Further details about the progress of design will be updated on this page as it becomes available.

Community feedback received in 2022 has also informed the design of streetscape improvements on Hardwick Crescent and Luke Street.

Block 71, Section 51 and Block 5, Section 53 are in different stages of the re-development process however both will look to provide new housing, commercial and job opportunities close to existing services. The community will have a further opportunity to have their say on the design of these sites through future development application processes.

More information

This key site identified in the master plan is being prepared for release to facilitate expansion of the commercial group centre, with integrated housing including affordable housing opportunities.

The ACT Government finalised the first stage of a two-stage sales process. Stage 1 was an Expression of Interest (EOI) process that tested the market for interest in providing more retail and mixed-use development opportunities in the Kippax Group Centre. The outcomes of the EOI did not bind the respondent or the Territory to the sale of the land.

The owners of the Kippax Fair, who responded to the EOI, have since applied for the Direct Sale of Block 71 Section 51 Holt, part of Kippax Place Road Reserve, and part of the proposed access road from Moyes Crescent (the Land).The ACT Government determined that the owners of the Kippax Fair were eligible for a Direct Sale of the Land.

The future re-development of the site will be required to be in line with the Kippax Group Centre Master Plan to provide for new retail, commercial and housing in the group centre, including affordable housing.

The owners of Kippax Fair will work with the Territory to finalise the Kippax Fair redevelopment concept design. Once that has been agreed the proponent will lodge a Development Application (DA) which will be publicly notified for community consultation. Once the DA has been approved, the sale of land will be concluded and construction will begin.

The site was sold on 30 June 2022 for a mixed-use development as part of implementing the master plan. The developer will be required to undertake community consultation on the development application.

Concept design

As part of the planning and community engagement outcomes in the Kippax Group Centre Master Plan, an opportunity for a new community building was identified next to the Kippax Library (on Block 7, Section 88 Holt).

Community and stakeholder views, along with the outcomes of further planning and site investigations, will be used to shape the final location, design and function of the future building.

The detailed design and construction of the community building is subject to site suitability, a future development application (and community consultation), and ACT Government budget funding.

Community consultation on the future community hub was open from 3 July to 20 August 2023. Visit the Kippax Community Hub page to find out more about the project.

The Hardwick Crescent public space improvements project is underway. For more information, please visit this site:

With the future sale and mixed-use redevelopment of Block 71 Section 51 Holt, replacement playing fields were upgraded to reactivate an area of open space on the corner of Moyes Crescent and Starke Street adjoining the Holt District Playing Fields. The location of the reactivated playing fields was identified in the Kippax Group Centre Master Plan in consultation with the community.

This work builds on the recently completed $1.85 million Higgins Oval Upgrades that included new sports fields, irrigation, lighting, turf and a pavilion for local sports clubs and the community.

ACT Government has completed targeted consultation with a range of user groups (skate, BMX and scooter associations) on the detailed design of the replacement skate facility. Targeted stakeholder consultation may be undertaken in future stages of the project, pending future budget processes.

While the Kippax Group Centre Master Plan shows an indicative location for the skate park, further work will be conducted to determine the most suitable location.

The design will consider a range of age groups and abilities, safety, integration with surrounding developments, impacts on nearby residents and costs.

The Kippax group centre in Holt is changing to meet the needs of the community. Extensive community engagement from 2014 to 2019 informed the master plan for the Kippax group centre, setting the vision to guide commercial and residential expansion of the centre and public realm upgrades over time.

The master plan and supporting amendments to the Territory Plan respond to the community’s need for better services and public spaces in the centre, and to develop our city in a compact and efficient way, making a more sustainable city for now and into the future. Territory Plan Variation number 361 followed the master plan in 2020 by setting the statutory planning provisions for commercial and residential expansion of the centre and the associated public realm upgrades.

Key recommendations of the master plan included:

  • establishing the centre’s role as a future major public transport hub
  • providing new opportunities for retail expansion, including mixed-use development across the centre
  • encouraging street-based activity, through centre structure and built environment
  • creating a community hub for the centre, by co-locating community facilities with the existing Kippax Library
  • creating meeting places, where people can linger and socialise
  • improving pedestrian and cycling connections to and within the centre, to encourage active travel
  • managing car parking within the centre, to provide for economic efficiencies and improved access through the car park areas, and
  • promoting ecological enhancements, such as additional large tree plantings and integrated water cycle management for public spaces.

For more information on the background including the community consultation outcomes of the master plan, please visit the Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate’s website.